Tooth brushing is among the indispensable parts of oral health. But sometimes brushing our teeth is too big for us and we can neglect it by saying “nothing will happen this time.” toothbrush Amabrush is a  product that will take the liberty of producing excuses.

Kickstarter campaign launched Amabrush is looking at toothbrushing in a whole new way. Thanks to the redesign of this classic product, the time to brush brushing is reduced to 10 seconds. And you do not have to worry about yourself. When we look at the design of our product, we see a mouthpiece and a body. We put the mouthpiece part which is special to our teeth. Then we’re running the device. After that, our teeth are cleansed deeply in 10 seconds without having to do anything. The vibrating device uses a special toothpaste. At the beginning of the vibration, this paste has a special structure activated and penetrates every point of the teeth. So ten seconds is enough to make all your teeth clean. Moreover, it is enough to get only one from Amabrush. This product can be used by more than one person because the mouthpiece part of the device has been changed. Thus, all of our family members benefit from this practice.

It is stated that this new toothbrushing system is not harmful to dental health. But in order to be able to say something clear, Amabrush needs to be evaluated by different experts.

In order to have the simplest package of Amabrush, you need to donate $ 69 to the Kickstarter campaign. If you want to buy a package for a family size you need to pay 445 dollars.

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