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Reflect your aura to your memory. How’s that? With Nanoleaf Designs, of course. The energy within you is the color. Let’s examine the Nanoleaf together.

People have a certain aura; So there’s actually some energy we’re spreading. This energy, of course, varies depending on our mood, morale, our bodily fatigue, or our stress during the day. The human aura is also influenced by colors and music. In fact, every color has meaning, and as our ancestors said, “Music is the food of the soul.” A piece of music we listen to, or a color we see in a positive or negative way to influence the energy we emit; Can even make us happy or unhappy. When colors were so important for human aura and psychology, the technology did not stop, of course, and developed a solution for it. A smart modular lighting method means intelligent light panels have entered our lives. These system rooms provide intelligent illumination with technology. Here are the details…

The name of this smart lighting system is Nanoleaf Designs. Nanoleaf is actually shaped like a wall panel. But there is a difference that this panel is designed with intelligent technologies. By combining small smart light panels, you can design it the way you like and look at different colors in your room. These lights can react to the rhythm and the sound in the room.

Nanoleaf Aurora

You can manage lights with smart speakers and voice assistants…

You can manage this smart light panel called Nanoleaf Designs wirelessly, and you can adjust it to any color you want when your eyes are tired. The touch panel allows you to change the shadows and colors of the lights. If you ask what is the life span of these smart lighting panels; Panels supporting 16.7 million colors. It performs impressively with 25 thousand working hours.

You can manage lights with smart speakers and voice assistants…
In addition to providing you with light and color, this panel gives you the possibility to listen to music when connected to the loudspeaker attached to it. And after the music starts, the color of the panel lights depends on the music you’re listening to. For example, if you’re listening to peace, flowers, and sea music, the color of your panel is blue, which is the symbol of peace.

Nanoleaf Designs Panels

You can also connect to these smart panels with Apple HomeKit, Amazon Alexa, and Google Assistant, and you’re able to get voice control. For example, you need to add Nanoleaf Aurora to your Google account so that you can connect with Google Assistant. You also need to have your phone language in English. Then you can start to control it by voice.

Using smart light panels is very simple; You can switch on and off the button in the Control Panel and change the colors and themes with the dashboard. You can also do more with Nanoleaf Aurora’s app that you download to your phone. For example, you can create your own color pales and themes; You can determine the effects. You can even adjust the rhythms to make sure that the lights move in your room according to the voices surrounding it.

You can design your panels the way you want and easily assemble them. The materials offer you the possibility to make many designs. It is not very close, but for those who know, it is designed in a structure where you can dress the walls differently than the Hue product of Philips. It also has different versions.

The product is offered in different set alternatives. For example, the starter set has 9 pieces of Nanoleaf and 1 power unit. The Nanoleaf is the smart lighting that you use to design your wall. You can create different designs using these pieces.

You can see the design in your room with augmented reality…

The app also offered you a solution so you can see how the design will stand on your wall. You enter the number of Nanoleaf panels that you will use through the application on your mobile phone and position them in the application. So before you draw the shape you use on your wall in the application. Then you can use your phone to view the augmented reality, i.e. with AR, on your Live live wall.

You don’t have to have any technology to use this AR, augmented reality feature. For your design, it is enough to remove the QR code that the application will produce and glue it to the wall. Then you keep your camera in the application to this QR code, and your schema appears virtually on the wall. Afterward, you can create your design on your wall through the wax papers that come with the product again, and after you make your final decision, you are now able to paste your panels into the area you designed by removing these papers. This system is destroying your risk of making mistakes.

Where can I get the nanoleaf Aurora? If you are saying the price options. The product has a different set of alternatives for sale, for example, the starter kit consists of 9 pieces of Nanoleaf and 1 power unit. The approximate price of this 9th Starter pack on its site starts at $219.00. Depending on your design and the amount of Nanoleaf light panel you want to use, you can select the panel and the package prices are starting to increase accordingly. You can find the 9-set starter Kit on Amazon in the $199.95 price.

If you’re wondering how nanoleaf designs work, what it does in your room, and how it looks, you can watch the video below:

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