Naraka: Bladepoint Enters Steam's Most Played Lists Upon Release 1
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One of the games that has been on our agenda for a while is Naraka: Bladepoint. The game, which came to the fore with the different breath it brought to the battle royale genre, finally made its official debut. Naraka, which managed to attract thousands of players with its demo, maintained its popularity after its official release.

After the game’s Steam release, Naraka: Bladepoint managed to enter the most played list within hours. So much so that I can see that the game is being played by 52.000 simultaneous players via SteamDB as I write the lines. He even made it to the top of the midgame list.

At the peak of the game, it can be seen that it hosts 70,731 individuals. Of course, these numbers are well behind the demo information. However, let’s say that the game is loved and received positive feedback on Steam.

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