Delfast, which has record-breaking electric bike models in speed and range, is here with the electric motorcycle Cross Dirt this time.

Delfast, which made a big impression with its electric bike model that can reach a speed of 80 km / h and offers a range of 320 km, focuses directly on the fun of the field with its newly developed electric motorcycle Cross Dirt. The motorcycle, which adopts the design structure that the company uses in its bicycles, is built on 19-inch wheels and can accelerate to 80 km / h with its 3,000-watt engine at the rear. The model, which has off-road tires and uses suspension systems resistant to high impact in the middle and front, draws attention with its double disc brake system and two different battery packs are offered for the model. One battery pack has a range of 120 km, while the larger one brings a full 280 km range. While these figures look really good, the weight of the motorcycle is 62 kg with the big battery. Delfast Cross Dirt, which has a carrying capacity of 135 kg, has a built-in LED illumination and provides protection against theft with its GPS unit.

  • New electric motorcycle Cross Dirt from Delfast
  • New electric motorcycle Cross Dirt from Delfast-2
  • New electric motorcycle Cross Dirt from Delfast-3
  • New electric motorcycle Cross Dirt from Delfast-4
  • New electric motorcycle Cross Dirt from Delfast-5
  • New electric motorcycle Cross Dirt from Delfast-6

Delfast electric motorcycle Cross Dirt does not appeal to everyone

The pre-order price of the model, which will be put into production in October, is at € 3,699.00. Later, it is reported that the price will increase to 4.699.00 €. For the larger battery pack, people have to pay 339.00 €.

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