New emojis for the iPhone

New emojis for the iPhone

iOS 14.2 for iPhone and iPad is available for download: As in previous years, the new software includes numerous new emojis that can now be used on Apple’s smartphones and tablets. CGH reveals what these are and what else is new in the new iPhone system.

iOS 14.2 brings new emojis to the iPhone

In the beta phase of the latest Apple software versions, it was already announced that iPhone and iPad users would be the first to receive new chat symbols for iMessage, WhatsApp and Co. For several years now, Apple has been using the hype surrounding the colorful little pictures to encourage users to update – with success.

IOS 14.2 has now been released and is available for download. You can call up the update with over 100 new emojis in the iPhone and iPad settings under General> Software update. Among the new symbols are extinct animal species, fads like bubble tea, and an inefficiently disguised smiley face. You can see all the new emojis for 2020 in the photo gallery:

  • New emojis for the iPhone
  • New emojis for the iPhone-1
  • New emojis for the iPhone-2
  • New emojis for the iPhone-3
  • New emojis for the iPhone-4
  • New emojis for the iPhone-5
  • New emojis for the iPhone-6
  • New emojis for the iPhone-7
  • New emojis for the iPhone-8
  • New emojis for the iPhone-9
  • New emojis for the iPhone-10

Apple is exchanging old wallpapers

iOS 14.2 also ensures that the iPhone works with new hardware: In addition, to support for intercom, a function for the HomePod mini, which can be ordered from today, and the original HomePod, there is support for a MagSafe leather case, which the new iPhones can match in the color can.

Apple is giving iOS a new coat of paint: If you examine the wallpapers available for selection for iPhone and iPad after the update, you will find that Apple has removed some outdated pictures. Including some plant portraits published with iOS 11. The classics – earth and moon in night-black space – are also missing. For this, there are a total of eight new wallpapers under iOS 14.2, each with a day and night view, which can be coupled with the system-wide dark mode.

Apple is exchanging old wallpapers

Four of the eight new background images – as digital works of art – show idyllic stretches of land and streets in the southwest of the United States. There are also four images of impressive rock formations under the open (starry) sky.

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