Xiaomi Mi Band 3

The initial information appeared fresh details for the Xiaomi Mi Band 4 that appeared last day. This information comes directly from official records.

The Xiaomi Mi Band 4 was on the agenda with an official statement. The company says that Mi Band 3 is selling very well right now and says that there is no contraction in sales or market in this area. The technology giant, which was in no hurry to introduce the Xiaomi Mi Band 4, did not give any information about what the new model would offer.

The new smart wristband, which is not expected to be a big innovation, will have Bluetooth 5.0 technology according to official records. You know, Mi Band 3 is using Bluetooth 4.2 on the port. The new 5.0 technology brings better data transfer and spends less energy. In addition, the NFC version of the model that is said to be the future, XMSH08HM and XMSH07HM code numbers now.

What details did Xiaomi Mi Band 3 have

What details did Xiaomi Mi Band 3 have?

The smart wristband features a colorless touch of 0.78 inches and a 128 × 80 pixel OLED display. The 110 mAh battery has a capacity increase of 50 percent in this respect. With the changes made, the incoming text messages on your phone can be read or incoming calls can be seen. The wristband, which allows you to silence the call directly, also allows you to switch off the alarm. The Xiaomi Mi Band 3, which is able to provide information about the weather, can record all kinds of exercises. The wristband with a pulse sensor can be customized via the Mi Fit application. The smart wristband with a battery life of up to 20 days can be easily recharged via the simple USB charger that comes with it. You can reach more from here.

New information about Xiaomi Mi Band 4

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