New iPad Mini

New iPad Mini:

Stale design, outdated hardware: Apple treats the iPad mini very neglected – at least from the outside. An insider now wants to know what Cupertino is planning with the mini-tablet. The new edition could make dreams come true.

With the launch of the new iPad Air 4, Apple has tidied up its tablet range and made it more accessible. The spearheads are the expensive Pro models, the affordable entry is via the regular 8th generation iPad. The golden mean is again occupied by the new iPad Air. And where is the iPad mini? Apple’s compact tablet now feels like an eccentric in the line-up. But it shouldn’t stop there.

iPad mini 6 with new hardware and fresh design

According to insider “0-0-0” on Twitter, Apple has planned a lot for the iPad mini 6. A prototype is currently being tested that uses an 8.5-inch diagonal liquid retina display. This would make the screen slightly larger because the current iPad mini has a 7.9-inch display. The A14 processor is said to be used inside, with a total of 4 GB of RAM at its side. Sufficient performance should therefore be ensured. A USB-C connection is on board as well as the support for the Apple Pencil 2. In terms of cameras and speakers, the iPad mini 6 should catch up with the iPad Air 4. According to reports, the tablet is powered by two batteries, which are currently still causing problems.

A new look is also part of the game. The new iPad mini should appear “boxier” overall, they say. The insider does not explain exactly what that means. But it should be obvious that Apple is based on the design of the current iPad Pro / Air. Judging by the rumored features, the iPad mini 6 will be a mini version of the iPad Air 4. It also fits that the new iPad mini should receive Touch ID instead of Face ID, just like the Air 4 probably in the power button.

When will Apple’s mini-tablet appear?

With this equipment and this design, Apple would fulfill the dreams of many tablet fans. An iPad mini 6 that is technically state-of-the-art and shines with a modern look – that’s what many owners of the current iPad mini want. It is currently still unclear when the new iPad mini 6 will appear and what the tablet will then cost.

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