The “New Leaf 3.0” is a high-quality e-bike with which you can get your big butt in motion. Zize bikes

“Whooo, you were in a good paddock.” My uncle from dairy farming likes to greet me when I’ve put on a few pounds. And at some point, the quality of the paddock begins to affect the ability to do good cardio exercise outdoors.

Running is not a good idea with heavier weights. It’s unfriendly to the joints. Cycling is a better, low-impact option, but there are problems too. Most bicycles and e-bikes have a load capacity of 115 kg. That is enough to handle the large mass of cyclists, just not the large mass of a larger, bulkier cyclist.

But you can spend a lot of time in the most gorgeous paddock and still jump on that thing with confidence. This surprisingly normal-looking bike from Zize of Kingsport, Tennessee is called A New Leaf 3.0 and is built like a brick outbuilding. It can accommodate sturdy riders weighing up to 250 kg.

The New Leaf has a powerful 750W Bafang mid-drive motor that is overclocked to a larger controller for a peak power of 1,000W, which will pull your greasy carcass up a daunting hill so easily that you will likely drive it a much lower level of performance. The gearshift is a high-quality internal gear hub system with eight gears. It operates disc brakes at the front and rear as well as double-walled 32-spoke alloy wheels.

The battery is a 48-volt unit with 17.5 Ah and 840 Wh. How far you can get it depends largely on how hard you run the engine and how much ballast you carry in your training pants. However, this depends on the larger end of the e-bike batteries and will be fully charged and will easily handle most trips to and from the office or a very solid workout session. Zize estimates the range to be 65-80 km.

With an 840 Wh battery pack in the center, the bike provides a range between 65 km and 80 km, depending on rider weight and usage. This seems more than enough for an electric bike that appeals to the city. One of the beautiful details of the model is that it has built-in fenders.

The frame is available in small and large sizes, with the smaller riders only 168 cm long and the larger giants up to 213 cm tall. The frame and fork are made of aircraft grade chromoly steel, the pedals are forged alloy, the seat post is double bolted, and everything has been thought through with serious durability in mind.

Why in the world would you buy an electric bike when you are so heavy and trying to get more active? Wouldn’t it be better to wiggle around on a regular bike that doesn’t do half the work for you? No sir.

Ebikes are so much fun that people tend to ride them farther and more often than regular bikes. Hills that may be preventing you from trying a particular route are no longer a roadblock. When you’re ready to put up with some flak from your lycra-clad friends, you can connect with them directly on a group ride and choose your level of assistance to help you decide exactly how much exercise you want. They open up fitness opportunities that you may never have thought of, and researchers have found that they are just as good as regular bikes in terms of fitness benefits for obese riders.

New Leaf 3.0 electric bike could be in serious demand

The Zize website is full of testimonials from drivers who used these things to really turn a new leaf and achieve a healthier weight. The main obstacle here is the price. A New Leaf 3.0 costs a whopping $ 6,650.00. But if that puts you in a new direction that could result in a spottier paddock, this could be the bargain of your life.

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