New Nvidia graphics cards could thwart AMD's plans

New Nvidia graphics cards could thwart AMD’s plans

While PC enthusiasts are still blinded by the product fireworks that Nvidia ignited earlier this month, arch-rival AMD seems to have been offended. Because the original plans were thrown overboard by the competitor. Who will benefit from it? The customer.

AMD under pressure: “Nvidia killer” should be cheaper

Nvidia announced three new graphics cards at the beginning of September as part of a live stream, causing wide eyes among the fans. They are used to the fact that the generation leaps in terms of performance are getting smaller and smaller, but Nvidia swims against the current with amps. The RTX 3070, which costs around $ 520.00, is said to be almost as fast as an RTX 2080 Ti, while the RTX 3080 is even twice as fast as its direct predecessor. So this time around, an upgrade seems to be really worth it.

But it’s not all evening yet. Finally, AMD also has a hot potato in the fire with RDNA 2. But the Nvidia rival seems to be just as shocked by RTX 3000 as the rest of the world. Because as reported by Twitter user coreteks, AMD partners expect that AMD will lower the targeted price of its “Nvidia killer” by 50 US dollars before it goes on sale.

Big Navi is to appear in two memory configurations: one with 8 and one with 16 GB VRAM. While the MSRP of the small version should remain at 499 US dollars, the price of the large version should be reduced. Instead of US $ 599, only US $ 549 should now be due – AMD’s original plans are thwarted.

No turning back: AMD partners get GPUs and memory delivered

We also learned from the tweet that AMD’s partners will get the GPUs and memory this month. AMD’s new card should then also be launched in October or November. Let’s hope that RDNA 2 can keep up with RTX 3000 because in the end competition is good for business and customers notice it at the checkout at the latest.

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