New Speaker JBL Pulse 2

In the almost two years ago offering for sale the first of a series of Member Pulse JBL, a long break, then introduced the new speaker JBL Pulse 2.

More advanced features and a more stylish looks like this speaker is fond of the style appeals to you.

Situated on the phone application on the colors through the smart adjustable speakers, color sensor with a color that you want.

These colors are moving in accordance to the music being played, and it’s a nice image.

JBL Connect thanks to 3 pieces Pulse 2 to operate in conjunction with each other.

Splash-resistant indicating the speaker on the beach and by the pool being used freely in.

Situated on the microphone can also perform through phone calls.

Single battery charger can be used for 10 hours with speakers $ $199.95  price tag is available on Amazon.

As with most technology, JBL signature device, Pulse 2 ‘ also reveals the performance design.

Wireless mini speakers, Bluetooth “iPad Air”, “iPad Mini ” or “iPad Pro” matches with ease, with (so the distance between them to open) makes a high-efficiency audio stream.

Bass and treble and high performance you feel in your location.

As we said in the beginning that speaker with colors you like to say hello to the Jamboree; Green, red, yellow hues such as surfer, change your location, place the device on a different ambience.


JBL Pulse 2

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