New Xbox controller shines in a cool blue

New Xbox controller

The presale for the Xbox Series X has started, and Xbox is now introducing a brand new design for the controller. You can start with a colorful variant when the console is released.

Xbox introduces brand new controller – it’s going to be colorful

Pre-orders for the Xbox Series X have started and Microsoft is showing you new accessories and a brand new controller in a blue design. So you are well prepared for the release of the console to start playing in your preferred style.

Do you want to quickly pre-order the Xbox Series X? The coveted console is still available in some online shops, please have a look at our pre-order article.

After Microsoft introduced a controller in white in addition to the controller in classic black with the announcement of the Xbox Series S, another variant has been added with the controller in Shock Blue.

The in-house program Xbox Design Lab will also receive a general overhaul. With this program it is possible to create individualized designs for your controllers, consoles and other products. From October 14th it will be taken offline until the beginning of 2021, in order to then start with fresh updates.

New accessories make charging child’s play

Microsoft has come up with a solution for conveniently charging your Xbox controller and is presenting a rechargeable battery and USB-C cable. The battery allows you to charge your controller at any time, even when you are gaming. According to Microsoft, it takes less than four hours to fully charge the gamepad.

The Xbox Wireless Controller in chic blue and the
rechargeable batteries will be available on November 10, 2020 for the Xbox Series X release. Would you like more information about the next-gen console? Have a look at our overview, there we answer all questions about the price, release and design of the Xbox Series X.

With a third controller in the league, Microsoft offers gamers a nice selection for the release of the Xbox Series X. Competitor Sony has so far only had a white controller in its repertoire with the PlayStation 5. The console friends may expect further variants by November.

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