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After the tragic fire that took place in Notre Dame Cathedral, one of the symbols of Paris, Ubisoft became the names of the activists. The company donated a free Assassin’s Creed Unity game to donate for the reconstruction of the cathedral.

Notre Dame Cathedral, one of the symbols of Paris, recently lost its roof after the tragic fire, and the cathedral’s tower collapsed. For the reconstruction of the cathedral, which is the heart of France, names from different sectors have collected significant amounts of funds. Ubisoft was also included in the donations nearing the $ 1 billion limit. The company donated € 500,000 to the Notre Dame Cathedral and acted for the unique beauty of the cathedral. Assassin’s Creed Unity game in all the details of the cathedral in order to see more players have made the game free for a limited time Ubisoft.

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Assassinğs Creed Unity for free

This distribution, which started on April 17, will continue until April 25th. After 10:00 local time on April 25, the game will not be available free of charge. All you have to do is to log in to your Uplay account via the page here. You can add the game to your library and download it directly. After adding the game to your library, the game will remain indefinitely in your library.

Assassin’s Creed Unity, which was sold in 2014, took the players to the middle of the French Revolution. Arno Victor Dorian, the center of the game to sit at the same time another important point for the series was to include the first co-op multiplayer series. The story, which allows for up to four players, was intended to provide a different experience.

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