Nvidia takes a big leap forward to buy ARM

Nvidia, one of the largest technology companies in the world, is ready to buy ARM, one of the key players in the processor.

UK-based ARM was bought by SoftBank for $ 31 billion four years ago for those who don’t know. According to the rumors that have been spoken for a long time, the ARM will be included in Nvidia very soon. The video card giant, which was reported to have paid 55 billion dollars in order to buy ARM, is said to pay a little more than $ 40 billion in the light of the latest agreements. It is also among the information that this big acquisition will be officially announced this week. ARM has been preparing very advanced processor architectures for years and almost all of the current processors in mobile are based on ARM’s designs. ARM, which is said to have been considered by Apple last month, is now almost certainly going to Nvidia. ARM’s customers now include names such as Apple, Qualcomm, AMD and Intel. Nvidia, with a market value of 260 billion dollars, is declaring that it will gain a huge power with ARM.

Nvidia and ARM can do big things together

As we said before, both companies have very important patents, knowledge and employees in chip production. It is said that the combination of these two powers can make a really big revolution in the mobile world. You know, Apple is now preparing to sell new Mac computers with ARM-based Apple Silicon processors instead of Intel. In this respect, ARM’s architectures are of great importance for the future. It is still unknown why SoftBank wants to sell a giant like ARM.

Update: Nvidia recently received the anticipated official announcement for this major acquisition. The firm confirmed the purchase.

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