Oculus Rift founder Palmer Luckey introduces drone hunter The Interceptor

Palmer Luckey, the most important figure behind Oculus Rift, now owned by Facebook, introduced the “Drone Hunter The Interceptor” model produced by Anduril Defense Technologies Company.

Palmer Luckey is one of the founding partners of the world-famous Oculus and a company called Anduril Industries. Anduril Industries presents itself directly as a “defense technology company.. Especially with the surveillance system placed on the American – Mexican border, the company that made a strong impression came up with The Interceptor this time. The Interceptor you can see above is basically a drone model designed to hunt other drones. Flying manually or autonomously, this vehicle can neutralize the drones directly into the designated areas. The car has a remarkable body design, it can reach very high speed and is thus able to perform an effective stroke. Propellers placed behind the drone for a more effective blow is based on an advanced artificial intelligence system is called.

Drone Hunter The Interceptor is being actively tested

So we don’t have a concept. This product is said to be in serious demand, especially in the United States and the UK, the system is transferred to all security forces are transferred. As you know, there are special weapon models developed for enemy drones. But The Interceptor seems more effective. Because unlike weapons, this model is programmed to defuse directly.

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