One-wheel electric skateboard InMotion V11

A remarkable video has emerged for the one-wheel electric skateboard InMotion V11 model that we came across in the previous period.

The one-wheeled skateboard InMotion V11 is a vehicle that pushes the limits in urban transportation. However, this model also has off-road capability, which is not very convincing to some. For this, the video released by the company, which you can watch above, reveals once again how ambitious the V11 is and proves its strength and durability. This model, which can be used directly by going above it, can establish its own balance, has a motor with a full 3,000W power. With this engine, the vehicle can accelerate to 50 km / h. With its 72V 1.42 kWh battery pack, the InMotion V11 can offer a range of up to 90 km and offers a comfortable journey with its suspension system with 70mm flexibility of movement. The electric skateboard, which has lighting systems for night use, has a built-in leg and can be easily lifted from the upper part. The InMotion V11, whose total weight is announced as 27 kg, can also withstand serious jumps from high points.

One-wheel electric skateboard InMotion V11

The InMotion V11 is a one-wheeled skateboard that can navigate in all conditions. The sales price of the model is as high as $ 1,999.00. However, the vehicle has unmatched strength and strength. InMotion V11, which appeals to those who want the best in this respect, we hope that it will actively go on sale very quickly.

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