Oohbike New e-bike goes into series production


They have already received a prize for the design, and now the futuristic-looking Oohbike from Spain is going into production. A reservation for the very special e-bike is now possible – but a few important details have not yet been determined.

Incomparable e-bike: this pedelec attracts attention

Electric bikes are currently selling well, but when it comes to looks, many manufacturers still have some catching up to do. New impulses are coming from the Netherlands, where well-known concepts have been thrown overboard with the VanMoof bikes. The team around Ánima Barcelona would like to take the same step because cyclists are sure to look at the new Oohbike.

Although the e-bike is not yet available, you have already won the European Product Design Award for its appearance. Surely spurred on by this, the announcement follows that the very special e-bike will be mass-produced. Interested parties can already secure a copy on the website of the Spanish company – although the price has not even been communicated. There are still questions unanswered when it comes to availability, as a specific delivery date is not given.

The Oohbike in black
The Oohbike in black. Image: Oohbike.

What is certain is that the Oohbike uses a front wheel without spokes. The battery is located under the seat in a central housing in which the Brose Drive C motor is also hidden. It offers an output of 250 watts, has a torque of 50 Newton meters and can be found in many e-bikes. At the top, support is provided up to 25 kilometers per hour. Regarding the range and capacity of the battery, it is said that up to 150 kilometers over the 630 watts should be possible.

Oohbike relies on belt drive

Unlike the competition from VanMoof, the Oohbike uses a belt instead of a chain drive. There is also no mechanical gearshift or suspension. The Oohbike is therefore more likely to be recommended on well-paved roads than on tours through the mountains.

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