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Otentik Beach Sunshade all angles


Otentik Beach Sunshade is a product that is always preferred by people who enjoy the beach and outdoors but also want to get rid of the dangers of exposure to too much sun. You can enjoy outdoor activities thanks to Otentik Canopy.

Beach shade canopy is the most innovative product ever seen as a result of examination of existing sun protection products. Thanks to its very cumbersome and non-heavy structure, you can easily take all your outdoor activities with you.

Best canopy tent for beach

Why is this shade better than using a beach umbrella or other beach shelters?
Beach umbrellas are bulky, heavy, difficult to carry and can be tipped over in light wind or loose sand. Other beach shelters can restrict your view or fly on a windy day.

Otentik Beach Sunshade can offer you plenty of shadow space when you need it. And when you buy Beach Sunshade, you’ll have a 360 degree view of the air.

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