All New Amazon Devices
  • Star Wars Drones

    5/5 (1)

    5/5 (1) – Licensed Star Wars Drones When Drone Madness first started, we all had the same thing in mind: blowing up the Millennium Falcon or TIE Fighter versions of these tiny pale devices. We still haven’t figured out…

    $ 52.99
  • Mi Electric Scooter and its prominent features

    – Xiaomi recently launched electric scooters for sale. Introduced to users in the United States, Mi Electric Scooter is one step ahead of its competitors with its folding design and long range. Offering a range of approximately 19 miles…

    $ 599.00
  • Sled Legs – Family Sledge Entertainment

    – You’ve never had a sled experience like this before! These wearable sled legs reveal how simple sliding can be with the legendary design of sleds. Sit on your knees, drop yourself down a snow-covered hill and run up…

    $ 58.00
  • Gatekeeper Halberd smart key for computer

    5/5 (1)

    5/5 (1) – The Gatekeeper Halberd smart key automatically locks your session from prying eyes when you are away from a certain distance on your computer. If you’re working on important documents on your computer, or if it’s bothering…

    $ 60.00
  • Vector Robot integrated with Amazon’s Alexa

    4/5 (1)

    4/5 (1) – The cute personal Vector robot, developed by Anki, is a toy for adults. However, with its advanced features and cute appearance, it stands out with its capabilities. Finally, together with the agreement between Anki and Amazon,…

    $ 174.99
  • Follow Focus LensShifter Fine-tuning when taking pictures

    – Good photography is closely related to having a good eye and having a good camera. In a good camera, precision and timing are highlighted. The Follow Focus LensShifter allows fine-tuning of zoom and focus, allowing for precise shooting….

    $ 75.00
  • Square Off chess set with artificial intelligence support

    NAN/5 (2)

    NAN/5 (2) – Chess is one of the oldest games. Nowadays, we can play chess in the computer environment and then on our smartphones to computer or virtual competitors. However, the enjoyment of the game at the head of…

    $ 440.00
  • Pac-Man Drink Cooler Machine

    – The legendary game console Pac-Man is back in the nostalgic booth Pac-Man Drink Cooler Machine. It will replace your home with your new design ideas to make your fun times with friends more comfortable. The top of the…

    $ 2,499.00
  • Ship In A Bottle Whiskey Decanter Globe

    – Whiskey Decanter Globe Set with 2 Etched Globe Whisky Glasses The unique world-shaped bottle, two world-shaped glasses, and the gorgeously bleached sunshine are offered in the mahogany color support. In the bottle, the glass sails are drained calmly…

    $ 59.95
  • iFixit Pro Tech Toolkit – Your High Performance Toolkit

    – IFixit Pro Tech Toolkit is a product for you. Especially if you like to poke Apple products such as iPhone, iPad, this set with 64 Bit Driver Kit from CNC machine will make you a complete master. The…

    $ 64.99
  • Tactical Christmas Stocking

    – We haven’t forgotten about adventure lovers this Christmas. We have a great New Year gift for you, Tactical Christmas Stocking. Classic christmas stockings with velcro, metal clips, six strips of MOLLE, full military socks with shotgun bullet sections….

    $ 12.74
  • Two Person Ugly Christmas Sweater

    5/5 (1)

    5/5 (1) – What could be worse than an Ugly Christmas Sweater? Of course Two Person Ugly Christmas Sweater! Xmas sweater, which you can wear with your partner, contains the nice boy, naughty girl writing and cute Christmas socks…

    $ 59.95
  • Bobby Anti-Theft Backpack

    – Thieves Confusing Backpack With the design of Bobby Anti-Theft Backpack, XD Design aims to keep thieves away, while also offering practical features that make life easier in urban life. Especially in big cities, walking with backpacks, using public…

    $ 76.47
  • Ember Temperature Control Mug

    – Meet the Ember Temperature Control Mug, which keeps your coffee warm! If we have a warmth in every coffee, we should have the freedom to drink the coffee we want at the temperature we want, right? There are…

    $ 79.95
  • Dog Poop Collector

    5/5 (1)

    5/5 (1) – The dog poop collector is designed with a soft silicone pad, which is a comfortable and lightweight and hygienic material that can be mounted on the tail of your pet friend so that your dog can…

    $ 12.99
  • Infinity Cube Fidget Toy

    – Infinity Cube Fidget Toy Stress relieving feature has become a trend among new generation toys. A great gadget that lets you focus at home, at work, at school, where you can get stressed by playing anywhere. Designed to…

    $ 9.95
  • Mini Inflatable Tube Man

    – Mini Inflatable Tube Man will now show you crazy dancing figures on your desktop. You can have a crazy fun with it, shake it to the left and you can give it to a friend. Mini Tube Man…

    $ 9.00
  • How to play guitar LED Display System

    – One of the questions asked by people in the internet environment, How to play guitar? In my opinion, “The Best Way To Learn Guitar LED Display System” is the best answer to this question. You can easily learn…

    $ 199.00
  • Pokemon Pokeball

    – Pokemon Pokeball with 60 characters and 7 different LED lights Extremely cute and realistic crystal Pokemon Pokeball. Inside the ball, there are Pokemon Go characters carved in 3D Laser technique. However, fixed base or rotatable base options are…

    $ 19.99
  • Pyro Mini Fireshooter

    5/5 (2)

    5/5 (2) – If You Want To Play With Fire, Get A Pyro Mini Fireshooter The fire that human beings have been fearing and trying to control since the early ages has become a toy under your hands with…

    $ 149.95
  • Are you ready to breathe by Mouth Tape Sleep?

    – Mouth Tape Sleep. You read it right. With SomniFix Mouth Strips, you’ll enjoy a comfortable night’s breathing. SomniFix Mouth Strips are a simple, soft way to increase your sleep quality, control your physiology non-invasively to increase airflow and…

    $ 17.99
  • Bone Conduction Sunglasses

    4/5 (1)

    4/5 (1) – Goodbye headphones; Welcome to bone conduction sunglasses. Zungle Viper, which integrates sunglasses bone conduction technology, sends the sound to the inner ear of the user via vibration. Zungle, which does not detach from the outside world…

    $ 189.99
  • Chilipad Cooling and Heating Mattress Pad

    – The blanket with the perfect warmth for your partner isn’t enough for you? Or is he cold out of nowhere when you’re cold? Now we have a smart bed that won’t have to worry about it; Chilipad Cooling…

    $ 1,199.00
  • Pop It Pal Pimple Popping Toy

    – Arrived to Take Satisfaction with Life; Here is the new Pop It Pal Pimple Popping Toy! If you look at your black spots, your pimples, and you say, Did you say? Billy and Summer say the pair, and…

    $ 19.99
  • Activated Charcoal Powder for Teeth and Gums

    – A perfectly healthy, natural alternative to the whole family, this activated charcoal powder cleans and polishes teeth healthy and can be used instead of standard toothpaste or as additional teeth whitening powder. To strengthen the tooth enamel, improve…

    $ 9.17
  • Zip Line Kit

    – Turn your backyard into a wonderful adventure forest for children. With Zip Line Kit, you can easily pull out 200 feet of cabling without the need for engineering knowledge, put up with safety-maximized equipment and enjoy this crazy…

    $ 299.95
  • Edible Cups

    – Our world is increasingly polluted and we can say that we can stop this problem with interesting solutions. Edible Cups is one of the interesting products. We hope that people who are sensitive to the environment will love…

    $ 15.95
  • Bosch Cordless Mini Chainsaw

    – Mini Chainsaw NanoBlade technology now offers free cutting without having to connect the workpiece. Versatile sawing inside and outside. You can easily make fast and straight cuts. Thanks to the new design you can make very close to…

    $ 194.15
  • Cards Against Humanity – Innocent Brains Burning Party Game

    – If you’re following desktop games, you’ve definitely encountered the most popular game of the last period, Cards Against Humanity. This card game from Kickstarter goes on its way to becoming the world’s popular game with additional packages and…

    $ 25.00
  • Love words in Red Hearts

    – Finding gifts for Valentine’s Day is a really stressful process. Romantic-minded designers are saving us from this problem with wonderful products Red Hearts Ornaments, Love words in Red Hearts is my favorite product. I strongly recommend it. There…

    $ 25.99
  • Lavolta Carrying Case Bag for Apple iMac

    – Lavolta Carrying Case Bag for Apple iMac 27-inch Laptop computers are everywhere you go. Competition with the Lavolta Carrying Case Bag for Apple iMac will change completely. Lavolta wants to do the same for desktop computers. The resulting…

    $ 72.00
  • DJI’s phone-specific image stabilizer Osmo Mobile

    – DJI Osmo Mobile Finally, DJI, who introduced Osmo +, the camera stabilization system, has now introduced a system compatible with mobile devices. Osmo Mobile, which is exhibited at the IFA Fair, makes it possible to make even more…

    $ 199.00
  • Kodak Mini Shot Instant Print

    – Bluetooth-enabled snapshot camera: Kodak Mini Shot Instant Print Kodak’s response was not delayed after Fujifilm‘s snapshots on the market. Introduced the snapper machine “Kodak Mini Shot Instant Print“. Kodak portable printer has shown me that I am still…

    $ 99.99
  • World’s first “deep learning” camera from Amazon DeepLens

    5/5 (1)

    5/5 (1) – Amazon Web Services (AWS) revealed Google’s camera similar to the Clips camera. Amazon DeepLens is being introduced as “the world’s first deep-learning video camcorder“. Amazon’s new machine learning service for developers and DeepLens wireless camcorder is…

    $ 249.00
  • New BMW X6 Manhart MHX6 Dirt²

    – 900 hp development that “takes” the BMW X6 deep: Manhart MHX6 Dirt² The touch of the BMW X6 from the country of origin came at the expense of one of the most ambitious modification projects to date. The…

    $ 400.000.00
  • G-Shock designed Casio camera: G’z Eye GZE-1

    – Action camera from Casio similar to G-Shock models: G’z Eye GZE-1 Casio, one of the first companies to come to mind at the time, is taking part in the action camera race. G’z Eye GZE-1, which is inspired…

    $ 449.99
  • Your Free PS Plus Games for December 2017

    – Your Free PS Plus Games for December 2017 Sony announced free games on PlayStation Plus in December. According to the statement made on the PlayStation blog page, PS4 users will be presented with “Darksiders 2: Deathinitive Edition, Forma.8,…

    $ 66.99
  • Console Wars Xbox One X Review

    – We are here with Microsoft’s Xbox One X review, which has made the new move in Console Wars. Microsoft has met with fans of console gaming with the most powerful hardware out to date. Let’s see if the…

    $ 499.00
  • LEGO Technic Mack truck set

    – Two-in-one LEGO Technic Mack truck set to become the best LEGO Technic ever The fact that the LEGO Technic Mack truck set, which will be available for sale from next year, can be adapted in two different ways,…

    $ 150.00
  • Best Macro lenses for iPhone

    – Here are the best macro lenses you can buy for your iPhone Which are the best macro lenses for iPhone? We need a quality macro to be able to access the world of details with Apple’s iPhone models,…

    $ 69.99
  • Adjustable Vanity Mirror iHome Beauty

    – Adjustable Vanity Mirror iHome Beauty. All the products we use are more technological nowadays. The iHome Mirror not only shows your reflection but also offers easy access to smart assistants. When we look at iHome Beauty, we do…

    $ 199.99
  • Wireless headset warms your ears in cold weather: Sound Huggle

    – We want to talk about a nice wireless headset that will protect your ears in cold weather conditions. The Sound Huggle named earphone, which collects funding support from the fundraising platform Indiegogo, offers the strength to withstand cold…

    $ 33.99
  • Trek Motorized Camera Slider

    – Trek Motorized Camera Slider with smooth scrolling on horizontal or vertical axis From assistive equipment, which video professionals always carry, sliders provide smooth scrolling on a horizontal or vertical axis. At this point, Trek Motorized Camera Slider from…

    $ 225.00
  • Prynt Pocket portable photo printer for iPhone

    – Turn your iPhone into a snapshot camera with Prynt Pocket When we want to take photographs, the first alternative that comes to mind now is smart phones we carry with us. So all precious moments are starting to…

    $ 149.99
  • Best Beverage Cooler

    – Could you cool your drink in a minute? Best Beverage Cooler makes you drink in 60 seconds. Drinks such as soda or beer, which are at room temperature, should wait at least 2 – 3 hours in the…

    $ 25.00
  • Neon Nitro 8 One Wheel Board

    5/5 (1)

    5/5 (1) – The Neon Nitro 8 One Wheel Board is a self-balancing electric skateboard with a gyroscope. Enjoy the pleasure of flying with the Neon Nitro 8. Activate the pressure pad, find your center of gravity and be…

    $ 1989.99
  • Kelli Anderson presents This Book Is A Camera

    – “This Book Is Camera” by Kelli Anderson Many camera models with very advanced technical features are on sale in the market. The book “This Book Is Camera” by Kelli Anderson reveals what the imagination can do, not the…

    $ 26.95
  • Darkness rises in Star Wars: The Last Jedi new trailer

    – Star Wars: The Last Jedi new trailer has been released. In the fragrance of darkness, apparently hard times are waiting for us. A new trailer came from Star Wars: The Last Jedi, which took away from our smart head…

    $ 14,99
  • Stormtrooper Decanter

    5/5 (2)

    5/5 (2) – A very sought-after piece by fans, Stormtrooper decanter is a cool caraf that every Star Wars collection wants to see in the bar. The Stormtrooper shot glass should definitely be found next to it, as it…

    $ 27.95
  • Home security system Cloud Cam and Amazon Key

    – Amazon has introduced two very interesting products to its users. The home security system Cloud Cam and Amazon Key are opening the cargo door and keeping an eye on your incoming packages. Cloud Cam, one of the domestic…

    $ 249.99