How much does a minigun cost

Before you ask the question of where can I buy Paintball minigun, let’s give some information. Come on, keep reading.

Paintball is a popular group game among people who want to experience action movies without losing your wealth for ammunition, using real grenades or explosives and going to jail. Sometimes you may want to take your Minigun like Terminator and kick up dust. It’s clear what you need for that, of course, the Echo1 M134 MiniGun.

To give some detail:

For the ones who do not know; Paintball is the muscular form of Nerf. With using compressed air, you open fire on your enemy with small paint-filled plastic balls. It looks like a real gun and quite effective in simulating the way of using firearms, but there is a problem: finding a paintball minigun which can work is really hard. There are some projects on the internet as “Do It Yourself” and “The Airsoft Gun” is available. However, we’re going to look at the paintball version.

Tippmann Cronus Paintball Marker Gun Player Package

The most realistic paintball minigun

The model in the video is a small version of the Minigun, but it can reach 30-35 kilos. While the parts of the model are prepared with laser-cut, the model is made with millimetric calculations. Thanks to that, it is able to fire hundreds of paintballs in minutes without jolting. I can imagine the opponents’ escape.

If you’re curious about the time of loading new ammunition, don’t worry; This heavy machine gun(!) comes as loaded with 1700 paintballs. Loading new bullets is very simple. You can load them in a short time with 2 cartridges and unload the magazine like Arnold Schwarzenegger. Hasta la vista baby.

How much does a minigun cost

Trying to reshoot a Predator movie in the closest place is not cheap. It is better than get your clothes from a shop that sells paintball supplies, this is not expensive so far. However, if you are looking for a paintball minigun for sale and you really want to buy it, this will cost you a lot. Let’s say that if $ 3900 is suitable for you with a 1-year warranty, we recommend your competitors to think again. Now all you have to do is loading this muscular scary Minigun and unlock the safety. Cheerful battles.

Wait, you are still looking for an answer to the question of where you can buy. Let’s give some advice. You can get detailed information from here or here.

Echo1 M134 MiniGun

Paintball minigun for sale
Echo1 M134 MiniGun

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