Parrot Anafi drone

Parrot Anafi 4K camera drone

The middle-class drone makes 4K recordings, can also be controlled via an app and performs predefined flight maneuvers. We tested them.

Parrot relies on a folding design for its Anafi. The copter, which costs 700 euros from the manufacturer, feels very stable. The controller supplied lies comfortably in the hand and allows not only flight control but also camera operation.

At the push of a button, the Anafi starts recordings, tilts the gimbal, or zooms in. Another button calls him back to the starting place (“Return to Home”). The copter can optionally only be controlled with the smartphone.

In the air, the Anafi reacted rather slowly due to the low acceleration and was less dynamic to fly. The top speed was up to 54 km / h. The clear app “FreeFlight 6” offers a variety of setting options such as speed, control mode, Cineshots and camera details. We found “Cameraman” particularly exciting. Here you mark an object in the app that the copter’s camera keeps in the view from now on while it circles around it.

  • Parrot Anafi 4K camera drone in a short test
  • Parrot Anafi 4K drone
  • Parrot Anafi 4K camera drone

Some functions are only available as in-app purchases

Other functions such as the “SmartDronies” were also convincing. The copter carries out tracking shots, especially for selfies. “Cineshots” trigger predefined flight maneuvers, which enable camera movements that appear cinematic for landscape shots. Annoying: The “Follow Me” function and the route planning mode called “Flight Plan” are only activated by in-app purchases for $1.00.

Parrots Anafi impressed with good image quality and clever flight modes like "Cameraman".
Parrots Anafi impressed with good image quality and clever flight modes like “Cameraman”.

The 21-megapixel camera with 4K resolution and increased contrast range (High Dynamic Range, HDR) offers a digital zoom of up to 2.8 times and uses a fixed aperture of f / 2.4. In addition, it can be tilted 90 degrees up and down using the controller. Overall, the image quality was at a very high level. However, we found the hybrid stabilization, which is done mechanically by the gimbal and by software, to be a bit restless in places.

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