Perfect Christmas present Beats Solo3 Wireless

Beats Solo3 Wireless:

When the large Bluetooth headphones “Solo3 Wireless” from Beats by Dr. Dre came on the market, it was just under $ 200. In the meantime, the manufacturer has lowered the price significantly and some dealers are even lowering it. The Beats Solo3 Wireless is currently available on Amazon for under $ 180.00.

Amazon is moving with them, the Beats Solo3 Wireless is also available here for $ 167.99.

Price history of the Beat Solo3 Wireless

The original retail price of the Solo3 Wireless was $ 199.95 (MSRP) in September 2016. The manufacturer Beats by Dr. Dre (to be more precise: Apple) is now regularly charging $ 179.99 for the Solo3 Wireless on-ear headphones. The headphones are available in numerous variants, which in turn are bundled in so-called collections (for example “Club Collection”). Special models like the “Beats Solo3 Wireless Mickey’s 90th Anniversary” are a bit more expensive. As expected, the Solo3 Wireless is even cheaper in retail. The price trend over time is, however, a rollercoaster ride. The $ 167.99 mark is regularly hit, sometimes even clearly below it.

At least one can deduce from this that you shouldn’t pay more than $ 190.00 for the Beats Solo3 Wireless, because this price has been found time and again despite the ups and downs. How it will go on is difficult to say. A permanent drop in price to just under $ 170.00 is conceivable, at least in the medium term, given the age of the model.

Beats Solo3 Wireless: why are Bluetooth headphones so popular?

Beats by Dr. Dre are the “original” among fashion headphones. Stars from sports, music and film have been on display for years, the iconic design is the template for numerous imitations. You could also say: Beats made headphones cool in the first place. The older tech fans remember times gone by when you were stared at while wearing over-ears in the S-Bahn or when you couldn’t even venture into the office with them. Since the rise of Beats, headphones and fashion are no longer a contradiction in terms:

Some audiophiles simply don’t want to get used to the brand’s sound and price-performance ratio. The Solo3 Wireless is also considered “too expensive for this sound quality” or “marketing hype”. In fact, you can get great studio headphones for less money (but with cables and no street credibility). In defense of the Solo3, it must be said: the battery life of up to 40 hours is extremely good, and the carrying comfort is excellent. The warm sound is powerful in the bass, but by no means as “thumpy” as some critics claim. Thanks to Apple‘s W1 chip, the Beats Solo3 couples with iPhones in a flash. So if you are looking for the ultimate lifestyle headphones for on the go (and not a precision instrument for music production), you will be happy with the Solo3 Wireless. If you then take a good deal, the accusation of “overpriced headphones” is also defused a little. A note at the end: The headphones also have a micro-USB socket for charging (no USB-C).

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