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We have been playing football games for such a long time that after a point, we want to take the joystick and miss the back of the defense in real matches. FIFA may be ahead in football games of the near term, but especially in our country, it is a very big game. PES has a history. Especially when it is a game that is so suitable for modding, the pleasure of playing with imaginary squads made on PES is still invaluable. before Wining Eleven and was first published in 1999. ISS (International Superstar Soccer) and then the adventure continues as PES (Pro Evolution Soccer). While PES and WE continue to appear in the same period, WE continues to live in the western world, on the Japanese side of the business.

While making the list, we took the beginning as Wining Eleven 7, PES 3. Because PES 1 (ISS) and PES 2 did not include football stars on the cover. If you are ready, let’s go on a fun journey both in the history of football and the history of the game.

PES 3 – Pierluigi Collina

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When the cover star is mentioned, it is normal that football players come to mind immediately. However, Konami had a much more special name for PES 3 on its cover. Along with Pierluigi Collina, who is also known as the “auspicious referee” in our country, perhaps for the last time a referee has appeared on the cover of a football game alone.

PES 4 – Thierry Henry & Francesco Totti & Pierluigi Collina

(mtag101702)PES Cover Stars from Past to Present 3

After PES 3, while Collina was on the cover again, the main boys of football were starting to appear on the stage. With Roma’s Bandeira Totti and Arsenal’s big star Thierry Henry, Konami continued to attract players. The matches between Italy with Totti and France with Henry were among the most enjoyable battles of the game.

PES 5 – John Terry & Thierry Henry

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Chelsea’s veteran captain John Terry, who has doubled his former popularity after Abramovic, faces his rival Henry in the London Derby in the new game. Although Chelsea’s squad seemed superior in PES 5, Arsenal was not a team to be patched up with the Pires-Henry-Ljungberg trio.

PES 6 – Adriano & John Terry

(mtag101702)PES Cover Stars from Past to Present 5

We came to PES 6, my favourite, where it is forbidden to take Inter and every goalkeeper who sees Adriano escapes the ball. Together with Adriano, who can bend time and space with a shot with his 99 Shot Power feature, we learned to fear cover stars. Although his career was not as bright as his PES 6 performance, this cover has a large share in the frequent mention of the name Adriano today.

PES 2008 – Michael Owen & Cristiano Ronaldo

(mtag101702)PES Cover Stars from Past to Present 6

The question of where is PES 7 may come to mind immediately. Such confusion arose as we got the start date of PES in 2001 when the ISS switched to PES in 2001. Fortunately, Konami switched to a clearer system in 2008. Even though we saw Owen on the cover for the first and last time with the Newcastle jersey, a new adventure was beginning for Cristiano Ronaldo.

PES 2009 – Lionel Messi

(mtag101702)PES Cover Stars from Past to Present 7

Undoubtedly, Messi was the one who did it best in PES 2009, where it was a great pleasure to get into the goal from the right diagonal and throw an elegant place to the far post. You can still see a lot of people playing PES 2009, where Square + X, that is, “pretend to hit”, reached its peak. It was the most entertaining football game of its time, with the “goal from corner” bug fixed in PES 2008.

PES 2010 Lionel Messi & Fernando Torres

(mtag101702)PES Cover Stars from Past to Present 8

Fernando Torres, a Merseyside Red fan who was so zealous as to write Liverpool’s iconic word “You’ll Never Walk Alone” under his arm while he was captain of Atletico Madrid, was making his first PES cover with his dream red jersey. While Lionel Messi became a bigger phenomenon every day, Torres, the rising value of the Premier League, accompanied him on the cover.

PES 2011 – Lionel Messi

(mtag101702)PES Cover Stars from Past to Present 9

One Messi was not enough for Konami this time, they put three Messi on the cover, two of which were silhouettes. It was undoubtedly Messi’s favorite activity in PES 11, too, to frustrate the goalkeepers with unstoppable shots while annoying the opponents with series of tricks. If you wanted to win the Champions League, you would have that legendary Barcelona squad in front of you, like an epic boss fight. It’s better to pull the bus and hold Messi.

PES 2012 – Cristiano Ronaldo

(mtag101702)PES Cover Stars from Past to Present 10

After a four-year hiatus, C. Ronaldo, one of the world’s most popular sports icons, appeared on the cover of PES again, this time with the Real Madrid jersey. Although he has yet to reach “La Decima”, Real Madrid’s 10th Champions League victory, Ronaldo was one of the two most iconic faces of both football and the Champions League. His coming to the cover of PES after Messi caused great controversy at that time.

PES 2013 – Cristiano Ronaldo

(mtag101702)PES Cover Stars from Past to Present 11

Cristiano Ronaldo played the leading role in PES 13, which is the most popular PES game in our country after PES 6. While the details of the Real Madrid jersey shifted from golden yellow to purple, Ronaldo was at the top. In Real Madrid’s matches with Benzema, every intermediate pass was undoubtedly the nightmare of most players.

PES 2014 – Champions League

(mtag101702)PES Cover Stars from Past to Present 12

This time, PES, which carried the Champions League, which is the stage of the biggest stars rather than the stars of football, on its cover, went on a different path. Although the game was starting to lose strength, Champions League and Europa League licenses were still a very important factor, and Konami was right to show it.

PES 2015 – Mario Gotze

(mtag101702)PES Cover Stars from Past to Present 13

Mario Götze, who scored the only goal of the 2014 World Cup final, found himself on the cover of PES. Coming to Bayern Munich in the summer of 2013 as a star transfer, Götze’s possibilities in the game were somewhat limited, but Bayern players, who had the Robben-Ribbery duo on the wings, were giving us all a very difficult time with their right and left attacks.

PES 2016 – Neymar

(mtag101702)PES Cover Stars from Past to Present 14

For the first time after Adriano, a Brazilian football player found himself on the cover of PES. With Neymar, who added a completely different color to world football with his sensational debut in Santos, we were able to make quite different moves in the game. MSN, the Messi-Neymar-Suarez trio, was standing in front of career-loving players as another boss fight.

PES 2017 – Neymar & Messi & Suarez & Rakitic & Pique

PES Cover Stars from Past to Present 15

Continuing its good relations with Barcelona, ​​Konami this time brought both Barça’s temple Camp Nou and the stars of the team to the cover. Considering the number of Real Madrid fans around the world, it was normal for this move to get a lot of backlash. As the Konami-Barcelona relationship grew stronger, the Barcelona squad continued to be the toughest opponent in the game. But I still think the Castolo-Huylens duo was better.

PES 2018 – Luis Suarez

(mtag101702)PES Cover Stars from Past to Present 16

Well, we saw Messi on the cover, we saw Neymar, and it was Suarez’s turn to play at the forward end of the trio. Biting the ball as well as the opponent, Suarez’s deadly shots were evident in the game as well. While the arch-rival Real Madrid continued to wreak havoc in Europe, the storm of Barcelona continued to blow in PES 18.

PES 2019 – Philippe Coutinho

(mtag101702)PES Cover Stars from Past to Present 17

One of the biggest real-life trademarks of Philippe Coutinho, whom Barcelona transferred from Liverpool for an astronomical (but not what Gökmen Özdenak said) transfer fee, was his shots from outside the penalty area. Although Coutinho, whose features we frequently see in the game, is not an Adriano, he was quite talented in getting the ball into the goal.

PES 2020 – Serge Gnabry & Lionel Messi & Miralem Pjanic & Scott McTominay

(mtag101702)PES Cover Stars from Past to Present 18

Konami Bayern Munich, which made a great leap forward in licensing, crowned its agreements with Manchester United and Juventus, and carried one player from each of these four teams to the cover. While everyone was waiting for Ronaldo under the Juventus jersey, Pjanic, the backbone of the midfield, was the biggest surprise of United’s young star Scott McTominay. Expressing his surprise and happiness by saying, “It is a great honor to be on the same cover as Messi,” McTominay has a very bright career ahead of him.

PES 2021 – Alphonso Davies – Lionel Messi – Cristiano Ronaldo – Marcus Rashford

(mtag101702)PES Cover Stars from Past to Present 19

Konami, which did not release a separate game for 2021, entered 2021 with an update. While the four teams of last year were kept the same, the cover stars other than Messi had changed. Canadian left-back Davies, who fascinated the world at a young age as an offensive left-back, C. Ronaldo, the biggest star of Juventus, and Rashford, one of the fantastic stars of United’s infrastructure, added color to this update.

It is worth remembering that these covers vary from region to region. For example in Japanese versions Keisuke Honda

It was also possible to see on the covers. Now the new face of PES, including the PES 2021 update with the last deal Neymar

It will be . We haven’t seen him on the covers since 2017. Although the number of players who buy boxed PES, which now releases special editions for teams, has decreased, it must be a very good feeling for a football player to be on the cover of the game. Fortunately, career-ending events like the Madden curse don’t happen in football games. However, it is worth remembering that Barcelona has not won the Champions League since 2015.

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