Pink Gun Power ScrewDriver

Pink Gun Power ScrewDriver The erection itself is not like such a chore if you do so, you’re a secret agent or appear in a 80s cop show shooting.Pink Gun Power ScrewDriver The erection itself is not like such…

$ 31.90 In stock B009ZTSC20 Person B009ZTSC20

Pink Gun Power ScrewDriver, drills, equipment and guns – these are all considered as things that attract men’s attention only. Somebody thought of changing this fact and that women also can like such things, he/she designed a rechargeable screwdriver that has a gun shape and is pink.

It looks like a revolver and accordingly, it has 6 changeable heads. Small guiding light on the barrel enables you to complete your work even in dark environment. For this, you only need to pull the trigger. Don’t misunderstand, I mean you can tighten a screw.

The color options of this screwdriver that was designed for simple house works with its rechargeable battery is not limited to pink only – it has different color options and it is a good toy for men also. A gift that you may want to give to your daughter or partner – What would you say?

One response to “Pink Gun Power ScrewDriver”

  1. Renee Itoney says:

    Hi I bought one of these pink gun screwdrivers I actually bought 2 I lved them so much I bought my dad one but it just recently stopped working I’m just a house mom so I don’t use it that often for it to brake on me was wandering if u can do something for me like maybe I could send it to u and mayb u have a solution to what’s wrong with it thanks renee ….

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