Plantronics BackBeat Sense Review

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In a nutshell

Plantronics BackBeat Sense review for the duration of the performance is quite good.

Comfortable usage and quality structure with very stylish and user friendly to use the headset, you are looking for a stylish headset mobile by like-able.

Battery life increase the success of at the point of “BackBeat Sense”, lightness, comfort and sound performance is satisfactory.

However; heavy bass sounds and quality during the fall. Using balanced accordingly.


Who Should I Buy?

BackBeat Sense”, according to mobile use in particular, draws attention to successful as a headset. In this sense, it’s obvious we would see more in demand by mobile users.



New headset Plantronics BackBeat Sense Review.

Plantronics, recently offered by the new headset models with starting up frequently. The chances that you also review the different models before we found this time our Office from Plantronics BackBeat Sense model. Released in 2014 BackBeat Pro who also was a remarkable model with Plantronics, this time also it protects the line of design and craftsmanship in the model, however, has created a model with more fine detail.



Seems pretty stylish design considerations have a comfortable BackBeat Sense. Need ear cushions on the material, both located under soft ground very comfortable headband. A thin Crown with light as well as the already thin BackBeat Sense. Weighing in at only 140 grams, headset, it’s easy to use.


Plantronics BackBeat Sense Review


Examining both the headset and the mobile environment using for long periods of time behind a desk. But I also have to say: after about 3 – 4 hours of usage must be possible a little uncomfortable. But this is not a special case to only BackBeat Sense; so long will disturb the ears headphones used. That’s why we don’t see it as a minus score for Sense.


Comfort and Use

An additional cable box in the context of the BackBeat Sense and carry bag. Complementing the team together with Plantronics makes Bluetooth support in the BackBeat Sense. I mean, it’s like the headset via Bluetooth mobile phone or you can use with your tablet, if you want to sit behind a desk while you are on your computer, you can continue to listen to music by connecting through a cable.

Connects easily via Bluetooth headset, then both the music and mobile phone calls on all to control ear units. Right ear unit can answer calls by tapping on the left, why is cross-transition and song Play/Pause control. Voice for turn the unit around the wheel back and forth pull.

BackBeat Sense, we encounter different Plantronics models before Smart Sensor property. With this feature, when you remove the headset from your ear music is cut off, when you have sitting in your ears again and continues where it left off. This beautiful property, upsetting the environment by playing the song it keeps idle, helps to protect both the charge.


Successful features

BackBeat Sense’s right ear to activate the unit, simply remove the switch. Device for charging the same unit under a microUSB connection. At this point, let us say that the headset approximately 2.5 hour charge. Offering about 18 hours until the battery life and standby times of headphones, 21. With these values we need to say that the battery life is good.

Another feature is based on the possession of a microphone. When listening to music for a moment if you want to hear what’s going on in the environment, without removing the headset on the left ear of the unit by pressing the red button located under can activate the microphone and you can hear the sounds of the environment.

Plantronics BackBeat Sense Review


BackBeat Sense’s performance in terms of let’s make the most of it. We use the headset during many different types of music. Frankly, the headset has created the frustration got to say about the deep bass. But strident and especially the vocals are perfect. Metallic and electronic tones we have received very clear audio headphones, in this sense, the overall performance is satisfactory with the graphics. But when you listen to music at a high volume, bass, and besides you can observe performance, then fall on the Hill. Therefore, in this scenario, a balanced terms.

The call quality is very successful BackBeat Sense. You can easily make your phone calls with an earpiece. Interior showing higher sensitivity in headphones, external use in relatively successful. But environmental noise is not appropriate for a lossless interview at points the kibosh. Environmental noise can reflect to a large extent your interview.



BackBeat Sense as an alternative to looking more design-oriented, a headset can choose Marley Exodus Harvest.

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