April montly games Playsatation Plus

PlayStation Plus announced two free games from April. Fighting next month’s games. Spring time, we spend at home with the time we spend at home, but PlayStation Plus April games, manages to offer an attractive offer. In March, he announced her April games with the new video Call of Duty: Modern Warfare released Remastered and The Witness online. Users who have a PlayStation Plus subscription this month will have no extra charge to Conan Exiles and The Surge. This $ 74.17 package will be available from April 2nd. Let us remind you that you can add two other free games to your library until this time.

Conan Exiles, which was launched in May 2018 in April, is set in the world of Conan, as its name suggests. Open world survival game, starting from scratch, allows you to set up your own clan. The Surge stands out for those looking for a science fiction adventure. In May 2017, the action role-playing game that meets players takes you to the middle of the battle.

PlayStation Plus has three different subscription options: 1 month, 3 months and 12 months. The American price of the service is $ 9.99 a month. A total of $ 24.99 is paid to 3-month subscriptions, while annual subscribers can pay for $ 59.99.

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