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Our new series “History Has Seen This Too”, on Earth history figures that left their mark we are bringing it to light once again. In this series, we will tell you about all the interesting characters in history and what they did, from the best to the worst.

The first name of our article series is French politician. Maximilien-François-Marie-Isidore de Robespierre. Actually Robespierre of the French Revolution although he is one of his most important figures, he is not well known, especially in our country.

France needs a king (preferably Louis)

Politician Who Praised Mario Antonette: Robespierre 2

Looking at European history for a very long timeWe see that there are conflicts between England and France. These conflicts are sometimes Hundred Years’ Wars and sometimes in the competition between diplomacy moves towards different countries.

The story of the French Revolution in USA, as it is now known, begins in Ohio. Struggling for control of the region, France is failing (then they will support the independence struggle of the American colonies that rebelled against heavy taxes). This causes the treasury of France to be full of dry copper.

King Louis 15, (half of the kings in French history are named Louis anyway, there are 18 in total), granddaughter who will one day be king, archduchess of Austria Marie Antonette. French nobility, who invent a custom out of boredom because they don’t have to work a single day, accompany the couple at the wedding until they go to bed (I didn’t make it up, it’s a real custom). The future of France is now in the hands of this young couple.

Is the poor person smiling?

Politician Who Praised Mario Antonette: Robespierre 3

of france aristocratic team, while continuing to make its day and invent strange customs, the poor French people could only feed the aristocrats, except to have children and acquire enough to survive. Even the reason why they had many children was the problem of raising workers for the fields and soldiers for the wars that France waged right and left.

This cut 80% of the population of France was creating. In the France of the period, priests and clergy were at the top of the caste system, the nobles below it, and the peasants below it. When you put them one under the other in the shape of a pyramid, even though it seems like there is not much distance in fact, noblemen’s swords were considered more valuable than an average horse or something peasant. Even French Horsemen, would drive his own villagers from the front to break the enemy’s speed, and then attack the enemy by trampling his own villagers.

Beginning in this period Enlightenment movements began to affect the thoughts of the peasants and the people living in the cities, who gathered to drink wine in France. No need for kings or aristocrats the thinking group was growing.

Which Louis is this now? 16? OK, put it with the others

Politician Who Praised Mario Antonette: Robespierre 4

people who are currently in poor health 16. Louis became king upon the unexpected death of Louis 15th. in May 1774 16th Louis, who came to the throne, was left with a country that did not have a penny in his hands, was under a huge debt burden and its people were unhappy.

Marie Antoinette also aroused the anger of the people with his extravagance and spoilage. This woman, who had the custom of giving her hair the shape of a boat and going for a walk, was in fact drawing attention because she was a queen. For at that time Antoinette’s style was one of the simplest among the nobility.

Louis the sixteenth to rein in the demands of the people 175 years later convened the assembly. An extremely fair (!) application system was developed in this assembly. It had 1 vote for 100 thousand clergy, 1 vote for 350 thousand nobles, and 1 vote for 27 million other citizens. As a result, none of the citizens’ requests were passed by the parliament.

French people formed their own government

Politician Who Praised Mario Antonette: Robespierre 5

The people who cannot express themselves in the parliament, “If we are 98% of the country, let’s set up our own assembly” he said. Thereupon, they went to a building and formed a council of representatives. 16. Louis, on the other hand, wanted the building to be locked while everyone else was out, as a solution. Thereupon, the public used an indoor tennis court down the street as the parliament building.

Many of France’s had been included. Robespierre, as a young lawyer, first came to the fore in this parliament. To most of the public, this idealistic young lawyer was uncorrupted, incorruptible, and unshakable in will. Time will tell how wrong they were.

Robespierre very quickly started to rise in the parliament. He joined the Jacobin Party, which had very radical views, in a very short time. Afterwards, he had the number one say in the administration of France.

The Reign of Terror

Politician Who Praised Mario Antonette: Robespierre 6

The French women rebelled against the king, Palace of Versailles, power in France gradually passed to the people’s assembly, especially to the Jacobins. Louis 16. said whatever they wanted to keep on good terms with the revolutionaries.

Master Yoda in the Star Wars movie ” Fear to anger; anger to hate; Hate leads to pain.“. The situation in France was no different. Waiting with fearRobespierre thought he could abolish the king’s revolutions. For this reason, he demanded the execution of Louis XVI by using his influence in the newly established republican assembly. As a result of voting by 1 vote the king’s execution was decided.

Robespierre’s fear is getting bigger, spreading to other countries. Fearing that their own people might try to make a revolution, the kings watched France carefully. The clergy also did not say anything good about the revolution. This is not surprising, given that priests who did not swear allegiance to the revolution were expelled or executed.

If there is a guillotine, why don’t we use it?

Politician Who Praised Mario Antonette: Robespierre 7

France, to AustriaWhile waging war, Robespierre thought that he could thus prevent an intervention from outside. Afterwards, he set up a huge network of spies and surveillance to follow his own people. he founded 12-person security council, in a sense, he established a dictatorship regime of 12 people.

invented during this period. guillotine

Thanks to , the French revolutionaries, who were able to carry out fast and clear executions, were constantly shedding blood, especially with the guidance of Jean-Paul Marat, who published a newspaper called People’s Friend. Marath, in almost every article of his, he was targeting someone and fueling fear. The targets he pointed to would most likely find themselves on the guillotine stand.

Marat’s influence was truly enormous. Writing while France was at war, he argued that the nobility, who could take advantage of the opportunity to counter-revolution, posed a great threat. Nobles imprisoned after this article, regardless of the old, woman, child, baby was executed. Even at that time, a general tied the nobles to a ship and then sunk the ship. Then he would go to the guillotine for war crimes, separately.

Charlotte Corday

A woman named thought Marat had become a dangerous figure and fueled internal turmoil. Saying that he knew about some dissidents, he went near Marat, who was seeking healing due to a skin disease in the bathtub, and killed him. Later at his trial “I killed a man to save 100,000 people”, and then he would be executed.

Robespierre’s eye was covered with blood

Politician Who Praised Mario Antonette: Robespierre 8

Especially a young commander in the army at that time, Napoleon Bonaparte’s In France, which managed to protect itself in wars thanks to its success, Robespierre kept his eyes on the inside ” to your enemies“. The spy network was constantly coming up with new names.

with himself Jacobin Party, even names like Danton, who had played an important role in his rise, could not escape Robespierre’s wrath and were sent to the guillotine. It was very easy to go to the guillotine at that time. If you wanted to defend the king, the church or praise Christianity, especially Catholicism, you would go to the guillotine. There were even those who were executed “for not defending the Revolution with enough enthusiasm” as he spoke. A total of 40,000 people were executed during this period.

The person who thinks he is god

Politician Who Praised Mario Antonette: Robespierre 9

Robespierre was completely got out of control. Logic Church and “superior morals”

He began to force a kind of fabricated religion consisting of values ​​he called . Anyone who believes that they can’t be right outside of their own values despot made life a dungeon to anyone who opposed it, or caused them to be directly executed.

Robespierre saw himself as a kind of supreme man, a kind of god. He followed very harsh policies to destroy old beliefs. Every hour is 100 minutes, every minute is 100 seconds, months are three weeks of 10 days. invented a calendar and accepted the revolution as 0 and put the country on this calendar.

After a point, fear directly the country’s number one form of government, even enacted it. Even radical revolutionaries were now fed up with Robespierre and began to fear him. Moreover, the people outside of Paris did not support the revolution with great enthusiasm. There were even anti-revolutionary riots in some places.

Too trust has come to an end

Politician Who Praised Mario Antonette: Robespierre 10

The one who brought the end of Robespierre a statement he made in the House of Representatives happened. He appeared before the assembly, which he had already partially executed and filled entirely with Jacobins, to give a speech. In this speech “I have a list of traitors. Many of you are on this list, but I will not reveal which ones” he said.

Thereupon, members of parliament To Robespierredecided that they had enough. He was arrested and tried. After a very short trial, he was executed by guillotine. Thus, Robespierre said goodbye to his reign, which had put France in a spiral of terror, by being executed.

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