PS5 in black the console dream is finally coming true

PS5 in black:

The design of the PlayStation 5 sparked extensive discussions. The white color is also a thorn in the side of many. Now you can rest assured that even if Sony doesn’t offer any more designs, there is an affordable solution.

Order individual PS5 plates

The PlayStation 5 is not even on the market yet, and third-party providers are already offering individualized components for the console. So also the website The Plate Station, which offers the removable side panels of the PS5 in five additional colors.

The design and quality of the PS5 plates are really impressive.
The design and quality of the PS5 plates are really impressive.

In addition to a limited matt black, there is also Cherry Red, Chromatic, Indigo Blue and Jungle Camo. So if you want to do without Sony’s in-house white when the console is released, you may find it here.

The individualized plates cost the equivalent of 34.95 euros and are shipped free of charge worldwide. The products are pre-order items that will be shipped in time for the release of the PS5 and are expected to arrive a week later.

How secure is an order?

The manufacturer states on the page that it has no connection whatsoever with Sony and that these are not officially licensed products for the PS5. It is therefore questionable how exactly the panels will fit on the original console.

On the homepage, however, the manufacturer states that the side panels are guaranteed to fit, should they not, you will receive a refund.

There is a thread on Reddit about other sellers who are already advertising on Instagram. There, too, other variants of the PS5 side panels are offered, including a chic, transparent model:

The possibilities for customization are very diverse thanks to the PS5's housing.
The possibilities for customization are very diverse thanks to the PS5’s housing.

In the Reddit thread, some users warn against ordering from such third-party providers. It should also be noted from us that the reliability of such sites must first be shown. To be on the safe side, you should perhaps wait until the PS5 has appeared and the case panels of such third-party providers have proven themselves and established.

The next-gen will have some innovations in store for console fans. Nine upcoming functions stand out in particular:

The chic case panels are definitely worth a look. They also show the many customization options for your PlayStation 5. It is quite possible that Sony has already planned its own concept and you will soon be able to purchase official side panels.

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