PS5 Simulator

PS5 Simulator, If you don’t have a PS5, just do it for free

Many did not have the time to secure a PlayStation 5 in time. If you are one of them, you can at least pretend you have one to bridge the waiting time.

PS5: A simulation makes it possible

Finally, the waiting time for the PlayStation 5 will soon come to an end in this country too, but while some can throw themselves on the console from November 19th, others still have to wait. A PS5 simulator could, however, sweeten the waiting time a bit and it’s also free.

Do you already know the new user interface? This is what it looks like.

PlayStation 5: user interface with new functions

From delivery to play

Game developer Alex Grade has developed a PS5 simulator which, as the name suggests, allows you to experience what it’s like to have a PlayStation 5 at home.

The game is simple: the simulator delivers a system to your home and you have to connect it up. You have to manage different connections and cables and one or the other problem will keep you busy.

The PS5 simulator is available for free on the PC – you can download it from the page.

Did you manage to pre-order a console in time? If so, which game will you start with? Please write us in the Facebook comments.

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