PS5 TV Sony is finally delivering on its promise


In just under a month the time will come – the PlayStation 5 will officially go on sale. Many gamers already have the right PS5 TV at home – but there is a problem. Sony made a promise that has not yet been kept. But that seems to be changing now.

TVs for the PS5: Sony provides Bravia TVs with a suitable update

In the summer of that year, Sony had a lot of advertising for its new Bravia televisions, which, according to the manufacturer, are an ideal match for the PlayStation 5. However, that initially turned out to be a smoke candle. Because the “gaming televisions” with the model names XH90 / 92 and ZH8 only support a few of the most important PS5 functions ex-works.

Just in time, however, Sony released a software update for the televisions that at least unlocks some of the functions, as a customer of the X900H model shows on Reddit:

Sony X900H ps5 ready now! from r/PS5

According to the update’s changelog, his Bravia TV has finally received support for 4K signals at 120 Hz – an important feature of the PS5. The patch also added support for eARC.

Update for PS5 TVs: what’s missing?

But although the new patch unlocks two important functions for PS5 televisions, important features are still missing from the list. The Bravia televisions from Sony, which are marketed as “PS5 ready”, are currently still unable to make use of VRR or ALLM.

Looking for a new TV? You should definitely consider this:

While VRR (Variable Refresh Rate) eliminates ugly tearing effects, ALLM ensures that your TV automatically switches to game mode when a console is connected. Numerous image improvements are deactivated in game mode, which ensures that your controller inputs are implemented faster on the screen. In short: the game feels more responsive – especially in shooters and fast action games, an advantage that should not be underestimated.

Despite the backward compatibility of the PS5, not all PS4 games will run on the new console. CGH clarifies which games cannot “move” with:

No chance for the PS5: These PS4 games do not run on the successor

It appears that Sony is already working on adding the two functions to the Bravia TVs via upcoming updates. Whether this plan can be implemented before the PlayStation 5 is released remains questionable at the moment.

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