PUBG 6.2 console update
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With the new PUBG 6.2 console update, it brought together the long-awaited co-playing feature of console players.

PUBG has been trying to bring cross-play or “cross-console play” to players for a while on the console front. A cross-play feature that was limited in the past October was introduced to the players. With this feature, players could enter the same game pool, even on different consoles. However, he could not form a team together. So, if your team is playing on PS4, PS4 players will say; If you were playing with Xbox, it had to consist of Xbox players. Opposing console players could take part in the match area. With PUBG 6.2 console update, this problem disappeared. Now PS4 and Xbox players will be able to create and play mixed teams.

Players who want to team up with friends on different consoles can send their invites by searching their friends’ Xbox Live Gamer Tag or PSN name in the friend’s list. It was announced that the update was released on test servers. You can try it right now.

Although PS4 and Xbox players are provided to play together, this privilege does not seem to be offered for PC players for now. It is also unclear whether PUBG will release such an update. We are also not sure if console players will want to play with PC players. The introduction of the keyboard and mouse creates an injustice.

It should be noted that the PUBG 6.2 console update does not only bring this feature. For PC players, we have written here in detail. However, to remind you briefly, the game finally brought the 8v8 Team Death Match mode to the players. Apart from that, various balances and item arrangements are also taking place in the update.

PUBG 6.2 console update Notes

With Update 6.2, the brand new game mode, balancing bombs and items of Karakin and good news for Console players; Added new features for Xbox and PS4 players to become a team!

Season 6 continues unabated, with exciting news for consoles! Xbox One and PlayStation 4 players will now be able to invite each other, form groups and play together! After the intense and exciting gameplay of Karakin, we hope that you will be ready for the new game mode Death Match, which is non-stop and action-packed! At the same time, we present the 2nd test of the Talent Based Rating system to you, based on all feedback from the first test of PUBG Labs.

We update the bombs that we always need on the battlefield and are often asked for changes. In particular, we are reducing the strength of the Grenade.

Test Server Maintenance Schedule:

20 February 05:00 – Until main server maintenance is completed

Test Server Settings:

Region: NA
Perspective: TPP
Mode: Squad
Map: Random (TDM enabled)

Main Server Maintenance Schedule:

February 27 08:00 – 14:00
The main server maintenance date has been postponed to 3 March.

Main server maintenance will take longer than usual due to the Cross-Party feature. Changes may occur in the main server maintenance calendar. When there is a change, we will be announced on our social media channels.

What is PTS (Open Testing Server)?

Open Testing Server (PTS) is a separate PUBG server that anyone who has a copy of PUBG can use it for free. The purpose of the test server is to provide a preview of the features to be added in the future, as well as to identify problems and errors so that we can resolve them as quickly as possible. All you have to do to take the test is to get a copy of PUBG.

Player data, statistics, etc. on the test server. it is not sent to your main server account.

For Xbox: You can download it by searching “PUBG – Open Test Server” in the Microsoft Store or in the “My Games & Apps” menu.

For PS4: You can find the “PUBG – Open Test Server” item in the “Purchased” section of the Library.

What is PTS (Open Testing Server)?

Cross Party Play

Cross Party Play

The new Cross-Party Play feature, which enables Xbox One and PlayStation 4 players to team together, has arrived! Now you will not only be matched with players on the other platform, but you will also be able to participate in the games with them on the same team.

The Friends List is being renewed with the cross-platform team-building feature. Depending on the platform you are playing, you will see your Xbox Live or PlayStation + friends at the top and your friends from the other platform will be shown under the “PUBG Friends” section.

  • You can distinguish, block, invite and make friends with players on both consoles. You will also see a tab showing the players you have played recently.
  • There will now be 4 tabs in the Friends List.

Platform: There will be an icon on the friend’s list to show the platform that the player is playing. The friend you added; The Xbox Live Gamer Tag (Xbox) or PSN Name (PS4) will appear here.

PUBG 6.2 console update 1

PUBG: With this new list, you will be able to organize your friends using Cross-Platform. Friends can be added when looking at the player’s profile with the “Follow” option.

PUBG Friends Cross-Platform

Recently: You have played in the same match recently with players under this tab.

PUBG Recently

Team: Shows your current team.

PUBG Team panel

The two console players will now be able to join the same special match rooms.



The long-awaited PUBG Deathmatch will bring exciting 8v8 battles to 7 different battlefields we’ve created from your favorite maps. Use different weapon options for your victory! With the classic Pubg mechanics and gameplay, action and fun brought back to war by rebirth will be intertwined. The energy bar operates differently in the Death Match; kills and assists replenish your energy bar, and after 5 seconds of damage, they will consume your energy bar as your health begins to recover.

The first team to reach 50 kills or the team with the most kills after 10 minutes wins the match. The team that wins 2 rounds wins the match.

New game mode preview:

  • 8 vs 8
  • FPP only
  • Revival Kit
  • Revival
  • No destruction on the ground
  • Friendly Fire off

You can jump to the new game mode by clicking Arcade from the game menu.


Grenade Changes

PUBG Gameplay

Frag Grenades :

  • Vests now relieve damage from the Grenade, but when taking damage from Grenade, vest durability is not reduced.
  • The amount of damage reduction depends on the level of vest worn by the player and provides the same% reduction as the bullet damage.
  • Grenades deal 20% less damage to players who are lying on the ground.
  • Item weight increased by 50%.
  • Each Grenade now has 27 inventory capacities instead of 18.
  • Pulling the pin of a Grenade now sounds louder and can be heard from a distance.

Smoke Grenades:

  • Pin duration reduced from 3 seconds to 1 second.

Stun Grenades:

  • The indirect hit effect radius has been increased.
  • From 5.5 meters to 6.5 meters.
  • The ringing sound can now affect players through walls
  • This is the same as Grenade mechanics, but the stun grenade acts in a smaller radius.
  • Added light camera shake to players close to the explosion.
  • Default pin time mechanics:
  • Stun grenades now explode after the first hit, or 0.7 seconds after the pin timer expires (whichever comes first).
  • The pin duration has been increased to 5 seconds, except for pulling and holding the pin.
  • For the Stun grenade, pulling the pin and waiting for 2.5 seconds was not changed.

Molotov cocktail:

  • The spread rate of the flame has been increased by 50%.
  • The flame can now spread a little more with a greater radius of damage.
  • The way the flame spread around objects has been changed. The flame will now reach the back of objects (especially thin objects such as trees) more consistently.
  • In addition to the existing damage over time, direct damage taken while standing in the flame has been added.
  • Players in flames now take 10 more damage per second
  • The flame can now reach higher and is less inhibited by small objects.

In addition to a more realistic Grenade sound effect, the visual effects of the Hand and Stun Bombs have also been updated.

Karakin item spawn update

A few weeks ago, we applied to balance in Karakin loots based on the feedback of our players. After this change, our research continued and we realized that some items still need to be increased. First, we observed that the healing items were difficult to find on a multi-war map. And secondly, we noticed that Sniper Rifles are very powerful in Karakin.

We bring rebalancing to an item appearing rates in Karakin; while increasing the healing items, we reduce bandages, KNT, SNT, and Win94 appearing rates. We know that most of our players prefer these weapons, but we think that more risks should be taken to reach these weapons as a reward in Karakin. In order to support these balances, we add the G36C and MP5K weapons you missed while on the Vikendi holiday to Karakin. We increase the speed of the aircraft carrying the Player Help Package on the map.

Your feedback is very important as always. Try these new settings and share with us how it feels!

Right Peeking/Leaning

In the past, while moving to the right (leaning) around objects in PUBG, very little of your character would appear compared to your movement to the left. The players started using this mechanic more often and for their own advantage, which caused some disappointments.

This mechanic is closely related to the basic design of the PUBG armed conflict system, which makes it difficult to completely solve the problem without potential negative changes in the PUBG armed conflict feeling.

However, as we announced earlier this month, in response to community concerns, we will make a change in this update to further reveal the player model to reduce the advantage of looking at your opponent from the right side.

  • Players’ body will now be more exposed
  • The player’s head will lean a little more on the binoculars in case of a close-up view so that the character’s head will be lighter
  • Adjusted some weapons to keep the character body exposed more when looking to the right of objects

We will continue to follow community feedback on this change.

WayPoint feature

PUBG Way Point feature
  • The Waypoint feature has been added to allow you to make strategic plans on the routes you choose.
  • You can use this feature only when the map is turned on (LB: Xbox One / L1: PS4).
  • With (R-Stick: Xbox One / R3: PS4) you can add new spots by clicking on other locations.
  • You can place up to 4 points for each Waypoint group.
  • Press to remove the Waypoints you have placed (Y: Xbox One / Triangle: PS4). When you put a new Waypoint elsewhere, all old Waypoints are deleted.
  • In Duo / Squad Mode, if a teammate places a Waypoint, it will appear on the map with the Radio Message.

Updated Blue Zone Effects

PUBG Updated Blue Zone Effects
  • Distortion effect removed
  • Changed the effect where the Blue Zone meets the ground to define the Blue Zone edge more clearly
  • The upper wall of the Blue Zone is lowered
  • Visual shaders updated
  • As the stages progress, the effects will become more intense
  • Voices changed to enter and exit the Blue Space

Parachute ‘Follow’

PUBG Parachute Follow
  • Parachute tracking feature added to help teammates land together
  • During the pre-match countdown, the follow-up user interface will be displayed at the bottom left of the screen.
  • Press and hold the D-Pad to choose your teammate to follow.
  • You can choose a teammate to follow until you get off the plane.
  • After choosing a teammate to follow, you can cancel it on the map screen or while on a plane or actively following a player in your parachute (B: Xbox One / O: PS4).
  • If you are blocked by the terrain or an object, tracking is canceled.

PUBG LABS / Skill Based Rating Test

PUBG LABS / Skill Based Rating Test

LABS: Skill Based Rating – Second Test

  • Many thanks to everyone who is interested in PUBG Labs and is part of the first test earlier this year! We have transferred all your feedback and other data in the test and made the following changes:
  • In the new test, players will be placed in their level after completing 5 placement matches. In order to win a rank, they have to complete 5 placement matches.
  • The highest initial placement level is Platinum 4 (2600RP).
    The general algorithm used was adjusted based on the data and feedback from the first test.
  • Assists will now affect your rank.
  • Assists are considered the same value as Kills in terms of RP wins and losses.
  • Any killing from friendly fire counts as negative killing
  • The maximum amount of RP that can be won or lost after a match now varies for each level. Lower levels have a higher limit than higher layers.
  • The expected performance of Mastery level players will now increase every 100 RP over 3500, making it more difficult for a player to climb as they rise to Mastery level.
  • The highest RP a player can reach is now 5000.

Test Time (Test server)

20 February 05:00 – 26 February 23:00

Test Time (Host server; PUBG LABS)

27 February 14:00 – 12 March 22:00

Survey Duration

12 March 22:00 – 19 March 22:00


Developer Note: As a result of our researches about the effect of the Featured Map feature on the match times, which we introduced with Update 6.1, we realized that this had negative results and we decided to remove the Featured Map feature by adding the Karakin map to the Random Map order.


  • The key guide has been edited.
  • A brightness setting has been added for your character.
  • Xbox will be able to leave the team without going to the Friends tab.
  • Improvement was implemented in the Banner interface with news announcements.
  • The Code of Conduct and Privacy are parsed for PS4 and Xbox One.


  • Performance has been improved with WorldOriginShift optimizations.

Developer Note: We noticed that unnecessary data was used during our researches regarding the game crashing of our players and we applied an optimization study related to this. While we are working to improve this experience, your feedback is very valuable and please continue reporting.

Custom Match

  • Erangel classic has been deleted


  • PGC 2019 champions and new content have been added to the Hall of Fame and Erangel.
  • Added picture of PGC 2019 champions, Gen.G and 2019 PGC panorama.
  • PGI key image emblem/title has been deleted. Gen.G emblem/title has been added to different locations.
  • Global event posters (PAI, PNC, PGC) carried out by PUBG in 2019 were added.
  • The graffiti of the PGI 2018 FPP champion OMG has been removed and replaced with the 2019 champion Gen.G.
  • PGI 2018 (OMG, Gen.G gold), PGC 2019 Champions (Gen.G) uniforms have been added.
  • The names of champions in patterns have been deleted.
  • PGC 2019 cup has been added.

Survivor Pass: Shakedown

Survivor Pass’s second episode missions are unlocked. Added 4 new missions special to Karakin!

  • Detailed Task List
  • Survive more than 3 minutes in Karakin
  • Destroy 2 destructible walls with sticky bombs
  • Survive 2 times in black space
  • Once in an important area
  • Deal 100 damage from the pierceable wall
  • Get killing from a pierced wall


  • Weapon Mastery Balancing
  • The first levels of Weapon Mastery now require less XP to win. As a result of this change, players can see that some Weapons Mastery levels are slightly higher than in the past.

Skin & Items

  • Improved Parachute Backpack
  • The improved Parachute Backpack will be applied to all parachutes.
PUBG old parachute backpack
PUBG Improved parachute backpack

Bug Fixes


  • Fixed the bug that caused the player to come out of the water to fill the breath bar instantly.
  • Fixed the bug where players’ death boxes prevent grenade damage.
  • Bug with Player Help Package not preventing grenade damage has been fixed.
  • In FPP mode, the bug where the blood effect seen in the player headshot obstructs the view has been fixed.
  • The error that occurred while pressing the Heal / Energy items key more than once and prevented the animation from playing is fixed.


  • The error that occurred when the blue field approached and caused some objects to be transparent has been fixed.
  • Some minor errors in the world in Erangel and Karakin have been fixed.

Cosmetics & Items

  • Fixed the bug that caused the wrists to appear transparent when the female character wore a tattooed glove costume.
  • The visual error in Tenebres Combat Vest cosmetics has been fixed.


  • Fixed the bug where players were not appearing on the minimap during replay.
  • The bug causing grid sizes to be incorrectly displayed on some maps during replay has been fixed.


  • Sticky Bomb sound effect has been reduced.

Known Issue
When blue zone shrinks while watching Deathcam, there is a problem that the blue one size is not synchronized with the actual blue zone size in the match. This issue will be fixed when the patch increases on live servers.

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