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PUBG 8-2 updates and innovations come with new weapons, my pick’em Challenge, and more. The latest update will be on PC on August 19th, and on consoles and for Stadia on August 27th.

Gamers who want to try new content before its release can try the innovations on PC test servers starting Wednesday, August 12. You can find information about new items, new features, and other updates right below.

What’s new with the PUBG 8.1 update draws attention

PUBG 8-2 updates and innovations come with new weapons

New Items:

MG3 Submachine Gun: The newest weapon in the battlefield aid packages, featuring two different firing rates, a bipod for stability, tracer bullets that help track the spray, and increased weapon damage against vehicles.

PUBG 8.2 updates MG3 Submachine Gun

Misleading Bomb: The new throwable item confuses enemies and obscures players’ movements. The Deceptive Bomb makes fake firing sounds for about ten seconds after launch.

PUBG 8.2 updates Misleading Bomb

New features coming to PUBG game:

PCS2 Pick’Em Challenge:

Pick’Em Challenge returns with the upcoming e-sports event PCS2. Players can visit the in-game tab for a chance to win celebratory PCS2 items by predicting the winners of the e-sports tournament in North America, Europe, Asia, and Asia-Pacific regions.

Original Lobby Music:

Players can now choose their lobby music! There are many different theme music dating back to Early Access times.

Helmet Hiding Option:

There is also a helmet hiding option. This feature is purely cosmetic and other players will see that you have a helmet on your head, but it doesn’t matter as much as what’s inside is important.

PUBG 8.2 updates Helmet Hiding Option

Other Updates:

Refurbished Weapon Models and Skins:

M416, SKS, and Kar98k have been redesigned in high visual quality. Along with visual updates, the weapon sounds of these weapons have been reworked to match the improved quality.

Refurbished Weapon Models and Skins

Erangel Docks:

Four docks have been added to Erangel. Two docks were added to the existing piers, one at Novorepnoye and the other at Ferry Pier. The dock has also been added to the south beach of mainland Erangel and Sosnovka Island.

PUBG 8.2 updates Erangel Docks

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