PUBG Mobile Ancient Mystery Mod update

PUBG Mobile, one of the most successful games of the mobile platform, attracts attention with its new mod. The PUBG Mobile Ancient Mystery Mod update also brings the game’s first indoor map to the players.

The game announced the new Ancient Mystery Mod update, which offers players completely new in-game events and special rewards. In addition to this update, the Team Gun Game and Library map, which offers new gameplay to the popular Arena list, is coming. Players can try this new mode and updates on PUBG Mobile right now. The new Ancient Mystery-themed gameplay can be selected from the Mode Selection screen in the main menu. Players who activate this new mode can discover the “Ancient Mystery” structure on the Miramar and Eranger maps.

With the new game mode, players can experience the following features in PUBG Mobile:

New Boss Battle – In a sealed room on the second floor of the building, there is a mysterious boss with many awards

Small Ruins – Players can access chests in small ruins placed randomly on the map and solve puzzles

Fresco Puzzle – Players can test their skills with this new interactive Ancient Fresco puzzle

PUBG Mobile also offers new costumes to users

In addition to the Ra Warrior, Nut Warrior, Underground Guide, and Mummy costumes to accommodate players in the new environment, the tight and stylish Golden Pharaoh Armor-X are also available for players to open. In addition, these costumes can be upgraded for the first time, up to six levels to gain additional features:
– Clothing appearance upgrade
– Custom home screen gestures
– Clothing-specific lobby moves
– Team-mate communication moves and item sharing
– Start Island and death announcement special effects

PUBG Mobile Ancient Mystery Mod update comes with new arena mode

The all-new Team Gun Game offers four quarters of gameplay with Arena mode starting weapons. As players beat their opponents, their weapons become stronger. The first team to use the last weapon, the pan, wins the Soup Money. Team Gun Game can be played every weekend, from Friday to Sunday.

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