PUBG Update 8.1 Patch Report

With PUBG Update 8-1, it introduced the feature it developed to increase competition and prevent cheaters. The update brings a new review mechanism to the current monitoring mode.

From now on, the game server can detect in real-time whether a particular player is in the opinion of the game owner. With the updated new monitoring system, two important anti-cheat improvements are aimed at PUBG Mobile game:

  • Preventing cheats by manipulating the existing Watch Mode –
  • Improving the Watch Mode to more effectively detect and eliminate suspicious behavior in the game.

The updated monitoring system consists of three different roles. These roles include game owners, game presenters, and audience roles. Before this system, the tricks were able to locate the enemy players in the game and have an unfair advantage by using the monitoring mode on two devices.

What’s new with the new PUBG Update 8-1 Mobile update?

With the new update, location information is not shared with viewers if a player is not in the game owner’s opinion. This improvement not only eliminates the possibility of cheating unfairly by watching it but also prevents plugins from changing game data. Thus, security and reliability are ensured. In addition, this solution does not affect the experience of players who watch matches normally. We are also looking forward to new updates to PUBG Mobile in the coming days.

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