Quantum Mini LED Better than OLED-Neo-QLED

Quantum Mini LED Better than OLED?

Even before the start of CES 2021, Samsung insisted on showing new televisions with very special display technology. Equipped with mini LEDs, the smart TVs should provide both a nicer home theater experience and better gaming – and maybe even replace OLED.

“Quantum Mini LED”: Samsung shows new televisions

Before the start of the CES 2021 trade fair, Samsung announced new televisions and already revealed some details. The highlight here should be the new mini LEDs, which Samsung calls “Quantum Mini LED”. These have a new backlight, which should bring advantages both when watching films and when gaming. The company would like to use them in the televisions of the new Neo QLED series.

According to the manufacturer, one of the advantages of the new LED technology is that a lens is no longer required to distribute the light. Instead, several thin layers are used. A mini LED should not be bigger than a grain of sand, as ComputerBase reports. Samsung has not yet revealed how many of these “Quantum Mini LEDs” will be used in the new televisions.

It starts with two smart TVs with a resolution of 8K or 4K. Another 8K model with the new mini LEDs is already being planned. After that, three more TVs from the Neo QLED series will come with a maximum resolution of 4K.

Samsung’s new TV with Quantum Mini LED. Image: Samsung.

Neo QLED: TVs shine more brightly

Fans of home cinemas and gamers should benefit equally from the new LED lighting technology. The televisions can shine more brightly and provide a finer resolution of the background lighting. There are now 4,096 instead of 1,024 gradations available. Dark areas of the image should appear even darker and the undesired glow should be reduced.

We will then learn more about televisions at CES 2021. So far, Samsung has not announced when and at what price the new Neo QLED with “Quantum Mini LED” will be available on the market.

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