Quick Charge 5

A good announcement came from Qualcomm for future smartphones. Quick Charge 5, which will bring a serious increase in fast charging, was introduced recently.

It was long since 2021 that the future Qualcomm signed 5 nm Snapdragon 875 processor would support 100W fast charging systems. The infrastructure that will make this possible has already been launched. Announced minutes ago, Quick Charge 5 supports over 100W charge power as described, and it can take out a completely empty 4,500 mAh battery to 50 percent charge in just 5 minutes. It is said that only 15 minutes is enough for the 4,500 mah battery to be fully charged. The technology, which will allow people to fill their phones completely while preparing before going out, of course, offers this high speed very safe. Even here, 10 degrees lower temperature is formed compared to the old one, Quick Charge 4, the efficiency is increased by 70 percent, and the speed is said to be 4 times. With this technology, it seems that the charging problem will be seriously eliminated especially in flagships. It is also stated that the system protects the battery life with special technologies. This is very important because high power damages the battery when not used properly.

While Quick Charge 5 attracted attention, OPPO briefly introduced the 125W fast-charging system.

The 125W fast-charging system with OPPO signature can fill a completely empty 4,000mAh battery in just 20 minutes. Fast charging technology, which can reach 41 percent fullness in only 5 minutes, creates the impression that it will eliminate the problem of “I’m dead.”

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