Razer Kraken Ultimate 360 ​​degree enemy hunt

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Razer, the big name in the player hardware market, has added a new player headset to its product range. This is Razer Kraken Ultimate.

Razer Kraken Ultimate is among the most advanced player headset models the company has recently introduced. With the support of THX Spatial Audio, the product allows you to reach your surroundings in 360 degrees and makes a big difference in action games. The model is capable of creating a deeper three-dimensional sound than previously offered virtual 7.1 Surround systems and offers precise enemy positioning. The Kraken Ultimate incorporates a high-quality microphone (with Active Noise Canceling), thus eliminating the need for an external microphone for both broadcast and in-game communication. In this respect, the “bass” performance will be high, the model weighs a total of 275 grams. The headset comes with a 1.3-meter USB cable and looks good on paper.

What does Razer Kraken Ultimate player headset cost?

The model’s announced retail price is $129.00. This headset doesn’t appeal to everyone. This product is aimed at those who want the best and in this respect is not a budget-friendly option. The official page of the product can be found here.

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