A new model has been added to the wireless headset market. The JBL REFLECT Eternal is a lightweight charging unit.

Here are the details; JBL REFLECT Eternal is one of the most exclusive wireless headset models we’ve recently seen. Because this model is based on Exeter Powerfoyle technology can produce its own energy from artificial light, including both solar and non-direct. In this respect, the product offers a very long service life depending on its usage and location. Of course, the product can also be charged normally. According to the company’s statement, standing out for 1.5 hours with a fully charged battery brings about 68 hours of listening time. While this is really quite ambitious and beautiful, the model is designed in the form of a head-up and brings nice insulation by covering the ear completely. Available in different colors, the JBL REFLECT Eternal wireless headset can also be used for phone calls. The product can be connected to Google Now or Amazon Alexa with a single click and promises high sound quality with its 40mm drivers. Since it is based on Bluetooth 5.0, it can work with computers as well as IPX4 certification and has a 700 mAh battery.

JBL REFLECT Eternal wireless headset is available from Indiegogo

The wireless headset, which can be obtained with a donation of at least $99.00, is only sent to the USA and Germany for the time being. The model, which will normally be available in the future, looks really nice.

JBL REFLECT Eternal wireless headset
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