Red Dead Online New Halloween Update

Red Dead Online New Halloween Update

Fans of Red Dead Online are still hoping for an update in the style of Undead Nightmare. The Halloween event is the perfect time to do this, but this year’s content is a disappointment for many players.

Red Dead Online finally has zombies. The Undead Nightmare add-on from the first part of Red Dead Redemption has left a lasting impression on many players. It would be easy for rock stars to delight players again with similar content. There will be a bit of zombie action for the Halloween event, but many players had hoped for more.

Red Dead Online: The Halloween Pass

The zombies only exist in a special PvP mode. In Dead of Night four teams fight against each other, but zombie NPCs are supposed to cause a stir. Killing them is also worth points, just not as much as killing a player. By the way, the zombies in this mode know how to handle firearms. There are no crawling hordes or lightning-fast undead attacking you here.

Players hoped for more

The mode is an unsatisfactory zombie experience for many players. There are already various posts on Reddit that are negative about the event. The players would have preferred to see zombies in the open game world or a PvE mode in which players have to defend themselves against zombie hordes. Instead, they got “a normal PvP mode with a few zombie NPCs in it”.

Another post said the Halloween Pass was “uninspired” and only had a few cosmetic items and a few minor items. The Battle Pass itself doesn’t seem to be worth it for many. There are 20 levels for 15 gold bars, which some people want to have reached after a few hours.

Find out what else to expect in the Battle Pass on Rockstar Newswire.

Players can certainly pull one or the other exciting new piece of clothing or weapon from the Battle Pass, but the first impressions from the event are rather mediocre. The Battle Pass is still available until November 16, 2020.

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