Red Dead Online: New update

Red Dead Online: New update

Red Dead Online players have complained about bugs frequently over the past few months. Rockstar has apparently been working on a solution, even if you don’t yet know whether it will be a permanent solution or not.

Red Dead Online: From Bad to Bad

For the community, Red Dead Online has been a roller coaster ride for the past few months. After protests with clown costumes and a bigger update with legendary animals were added, the players were satisfied again for the time being.

The joy did not last long, however. A later bug fix update caused numerous problems that were so severe that Rockstar had to take the entire patch offline again – from bad to worse.

Alight at the end of the tunnel?

It seems that Rockstar has stuck behind it again and tinkered with the game. The community has made a joyful discovery that has some benefits.

On a normal day there were around 20 players in the lobbies, but this week the lobbies were only populated with two to seven people. According to various Reddit users, this seems to have happened on all platforms, even if the switch to smaller lobbies was not always consistent and at different times.

While there is still an argument about whether the smaller lobbies are a deliberate change or a mistake, the whole thing goes down quite well with the players. Some say this has solved a number of issues, including fewer connectivity issues and improved frame rates. Others said that they are now seeing content that is basically never seen in lobbies with more than 20 people.

Anyone else enjoying these small lobbies? Loaded in and was able to find the Legendary Winyan Bison from r/RedDeadOnline

“Does anyone still enjoy these little lobbies? I was able to find the legendary Winyan Bison. “

Small lobbies, however, do not go down well with everyone. While these obviously provide numerous benefits, some complaint about the loss of player interactions.

Red Dead Online is a mode of Red Dead Redemption 2. If you don’t have the game yet but would like to try it out, please use the following button. It will take you directly to the product page in the PlayStation Store.

We are excited to see how Rockstar will solve this in the future and of course, we will keep you updated. How is it with you guys? Do you prefer small or large lobbies? Please write to us in the Facebook comments.

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