Robert Downey Jr.'s Oscar decision

Robert Downey Jr.‘s “Avengers Endgame movie” for his successful performance was nominated for an Oscar Award was spoken. But the player’s decision affected Marvel‘s campaign.

In short, one of the most important characters in the Avengers Endgame was Iron Man. Tony Stark played a major role in the story, and Robert Downey Jr.’s performance was found to be very successful. Marvel fans were particularly touched by his acting on the final stage. The directors of the Avengers Endgame Joe and Anthony Russo also thought that due to this successful performance, Robert Downey Jr. should be included in the Oscar nomination campaign. But when the Oscar campaign of Marvel studios started, we found that there was no application for nomination in the acting category. Everyone started to wonder why there was no campaign for Robert Downey Jr. The Howard Stern Show said that this was his decision.

Robert Downey Jr.’s Oscar decision

I was very happy that you brought this up. Because I know that the issue of candidacy has been on the agenda for a while. But I didn’t want the Marvel studios to run a candidacy campaign for me.

The experienced player does not explain why he does not want to be nominated. He says he doesn’t want to start a campaign just to be nominated for an Oscar. Obviously we are more than curious about the reason behind this decision. Some viewers think that Robert Downey Jr. is unlikely to be nominated and does not want to engage in a fight that the player loses

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