Samsung Galaxy A42 5G is only $ 380.00

Samsung no longer wants to let the Chinese competition dance around on the nose and is launching a cell phone in November that has an unusually good price-performance ratio. If you don’t want to buy a Chinese smartphone, this model would be the ideal choice.

Samsung is serious: New cell phone buttons to China smartphones

Right now, Samsung’s most popular smartphone is the Galaxy A51, which sells for under $ 451.00. That could change with the launch of the Galaxy A42 5G for $ 380.00. The cell phone was introduced some time ago, but Samsung did not reveal any details at the time, as the processor used in the cell phone was not yet official. It is now known that a Snapdragon 750G works in the A42 5G. The smartphone is thus attacking all China cell phones that are in the same price range – and there are a few. Samsung doesn’t play any games either and has properly equipped the phone.

The Samsung Galaxy A42 5G not only has a fast processor but also 4 GB of RAM and a direct 128 GB of internal memory, which can also be expanded via a microSD card. The 5,000 mAh battery ensures a long runtime and can be quickly charged with 15 watts. The large battery is also necessary because a 5G modem is installed. But even if you don’t want to use the 5G network, you have a mobile phone that would be able to do so in 2-3 years and thus more future-proof. Otherwise, the Galaxy A42 5G has a 48 MP quad camera, which should actually take good pictures. The OLED display has a Full HD + resolution and is 6.6 inches. You don’t really need more cell phones.

Samsung Galaxy A42 5G

Samsung Galaxy A42 5G will be a best-seller

Samsung’s mid-range phones keep getting better every year. They also sell in much higher numbers than the Galaxy S or Note smartphones. The Galaxy A42 5G is a good contender for a best seller. The A51 was also so expensive at first, but was sold for around 300 euros within a short time and is Samsung’s best-selling cell phone. Exactly the same will happen with the A42 5G. If you don’t want a China cell phone for a similar price, you can access it here and don’t have to make any compromises.

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