Samsung Galaxy A51

Samsung Galaxy A51

Samsung can be happy. An Android smartphone from the South Korean manufacturer sells particularly well. But why is that the case? CGH will tell you.

Samsung Galaxy A51 is selling well

Last year it was the Galaxy A50, this year it is the successor, the Samsung Galaxy A51. With these smartphones, Samsung has built real insider tips for all those interested who do not want to distinguish themselves with a high-end smartphone but simply want a good and inexpensive Android phone. This is also shown by the sales figures. The Galaxy A51 was Samsung’s top-selling phone in the first half of 2020. Last year it was the Galaxy A10, with the A50 taking second place. This year the Galaxy A51 is the undisputed leader and then there will be no Samsung phones for a long time.

It’s no wonder that buyers choose the Galaxy A51. With this mobile phone, Samsung has simply developed an all-round talent, which is often traded as the cheaper version of the Galaxy S20. It has a good display, offers decent performance, takes good photos with the quad-camera, and looks simply stylish. We also found this in the test of the Samsung Galaxy A51. The biggest incentive to buy is of course the price. The cell phone currently only costs around 250 euros. You can confidently strike there.

Samsung Galaxy A51 presented in the video:

Samsung keeps making the middle class better

If you look at the Galaxy A51 in the first place of the best-selling Samsung smartphones, then you rightly wonder where the Galaxy S20 is? This also sells quite well, but nowhere near as good as Samsung’s mid-range phones. In the high-end sector, the South Korean company shows what is possible and charges prices of around $ 900.00. Normal cell phone users don’t need that. They are looking for an affordable yet good cell phone and that’s where the Galaxy A51 fits into the looting scheme. The Galaxy A51 has been granted a place in the sun.

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