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Samsung Galaxy Buds Live review

Samsung Galaxy Buds Live, which has a much different and assertive design than completely wireless headphones on the market, draws attention with its sound quality and long battery life.

In our review of all the details about Galaxy Buds Live, the new fully wireless headset Galaxy Buds Live, which Samsung recently introduced at the Galaxy Note 20 event, came to our office in a short time. As the CGH team, it seems that there will be a lot of talk with the headphone design that we were eagerly anticipating. The headphone, which resembles a bean with its design, has a very different appearance than the headphones that are becoming commonplace on the market. The model that comes across headphones such as AirPods Pro, Sony WF-1000XM3, and Sennheiser Momentum True Wireless 2 is the most successful wireless headset Samsung has ever released. The headset bearing the AKG signature purchased by Samsung draws attention to its sound quality. Supporting active noise canceling feature, the headset also includes a wireless charging feature.

Samsung Galaxy Buds Live Design
Samsung Galaxy Buds Live Design


Undoubtedly, the most striking part of the headset is its extraordinary design. The model, which has a much more assertive look than the wireless headphones currently on the market, got full marks from us with its design. When we took the headset out of the box and put the headset on our ears, it managed to impress us with the headphone ergonomics. The model, which offers a very comfortable experience while on the ear, makes the headset successful in terms of design, as well as its remarkable appearance and being ergonomic. The headphones also feature touch control. In this way, it is possible to stop the track or switch between tracks.

The headset, which has a small size in the charging box, can be charged via USB-C. When the battery is fully charged and the active noise canceling feature is turned off, the headset promises a music experience of up to 8 hours, according to Samsung. With the charging box, this time goes up to 29 hours. Unfortunately, this time drops when the noise-canceling feature is on. The charging case supports wireless charging technology like the previous models and can be charged via Qi-compatible Samsung Wireless PowerShare or reverse wireless charging compatible smartphones. Although we tested that the headset will choose the Mystic Bronze color, the headset is also available in white, Mystic Black, and Mystic White.

Samsung Galaxy Buds Live Audio Performance
Samsung Galaxy Buds Live Audio Performance


Let’s come to the most curious point in headphones. Taking sound performance one step up in every new headset model, Samsung continues this claim in this model as well. After purchasing the world-renowned audio company AKG, the company, which offers headphones under the signature of AKG, appears with AKG signature on this headset. The headphones, in which 12 mm dynamic drivers were preferred, displayed a sound performance that met our expectations in the music we listened to in hip-hop, pop, classical and jazz style. Of course, although this headset is not audiophile quality, the model that offers a sufficient sound performance for most users impressed us with the bass experience it offers.

It also impresses with its performance in-ear microphones that incorporate two microphones based on bone conduction technology to transmit users’ voices to audio signals. The most important difference that distinguishes Galaxy Buds Live from previous Samsung headphones is that this model supports active noise canceling technology. Unfortunately, this feature used to reduce background noise does not work well on Galaxy Buds Live. Unfortunately, we could not see any effect of this feature that we tested on iOS and Android platforms. We hope Samsung will release a software update in the coming days to make this feature work more successfully.

Samsung Galaxy Buds Live Performance
Samsung Galaxy Buds Live Performance


Samsung Galaxy Buds Live is among the successful wireless headsets in the market for iOS users as well as Samsung ecosystem users. Although the model, which received full marks from us with its sound performance, long battery life and extraordinary design, did not perform very well in active noise cancellation, it certainly managed to attract our attention. If you are someone who cares about design and sound performance, you should definitely check out the Samsung Galaxy Buds Live.


Samsung Galaxy Buds Live Detail
Samsung Galaxy Buds Live Detail

Different color options

The headset appeals to all tastes with three different color options.

Active noise-canceling feature
Active noise-canceling feature

Active noise-canceling feature

Galaxy Buds Live also has active noise canceling feature

Samsung Galaxy Buds Live Ergonomic design
Ergonomic design

Ergonomic design

Samsung Galaxy Buds Live has a very different design than the headphones we are used to.

Samsung galaxy buds live Wireless charging support
Wireless charging support

Wireless charging support

Smartphones that support reverse wireless charging technology can charge the headset wirelessly


Samsung Galaxy Buds Live Specifications

Loudspeaker: 12mm driver
Microphone: 3 Microphones (two outer + one inner)
Battery Headphone: 60 mAh, Charging
Case: 472 mAh
Battery capacity: Up to 20 Hours (headset 5.5 hours + container 14.5 hours) Talk Time: Up to 16 Hours (headset 4.5 hours + container 11.5 hours) Bluetooth: Bluetooth 5.0
Touch Control: Yes
Ambiance Mute:
Active Noise Canceling




  • Extraordinary and eye-catching design, powerful sound performance, long battery life


  • Active noise canceling performance needs to be more successful


8.6 / 10

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