Samsung Galaxy Buds Live vs AirPods Pro wireless headphones came across. In the comparison made by Macrumors, the performances of the headphones are evaluated.

Samsung’s new wireless headset makes a difference with a bean-like design. It is also stated that these headphones offer a comfortable music experience like AirPods Pro. Macrumors says the sound quality of Galaxy Buds Live is better than AirPods, but it is one step behind AirPods Pro. Macrumors states that sound balance and clarity are better on AirPods Pro. The Samsung Galaxy Buds Live model is said to have a more pronounced bass. It is stated that the active noise canceling feature is much more successful in AirPods Pro.

What are the sales prices of Samsung Galaxy Buds Live vs AirPods Pro?

Considering the battery performances, the earbuds of Galaxy Buds Live offer up to 8 hours on a full charge, and the headphones of AirPods Pro offer up to 4.5 hours on a full charge. Samsung signed earphones with a charging box that has a total user experience of up to 29 hours and AirPods Pro for up to 24 hours. The overseas price of Galaxy Buds Live from the headphones is $ 169.00, and the price of AirPods Pro is $ 249.00. A detailed review of Samsung Galaxy Buds Live will be on CGH in the coming days. You can read the detailed features in our AirPods Pro Review article.

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