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One of the most ambitious of the year; Samsung Galaxy S10 review file. The Samsung Galaxy S10 + aims to bring a new breath to the family. The device, which comes to prominence with its renewed Infinite-O design, brings impressive features. Samsung has finally introduced the next generation Galaxy S family. After the Galaxy S9 models, the Galaxy S10 family, which we obviously expect a big change, seems to be bringing the changes we really expect. Samsung Galaxy S10 is one of the first models of the Samsung Galaxy S10 family to be seen in our test center. Galaxy S10 and Galaxy S10e separated from the sharp features of what has added to the device, let’s take a closer look.


First of all, let’s start with the design. With the Galaxy S10 family, Samsung finally sets the lower end frame as the infinite screen Galaxy design. The Samsung Galaxy S10 + is one of the first models to adopt the Infinite-O design. Although S10 + O ”can say a little wider. Because compared to the Galaxy S10 and S10e, this model has a dual front camera. Obviously, compared to the other two models, this dual camera has the disadvantage of us. The single camera creates minimal attention in games or videos, while the dual camera draws attention to the large space. But let’s say that there are very successful wallpapers that will fit the double camera cavity. Prism Green, Prism Black and Prism White color model of the model we have tested Prizma White. We can say that the light color game developed with Prism White model is very impressive. It is also possible to see a similar color game in pre-loaded wallpapers. As you move the device to the left and right, the color of the wallpapers changes. Let’s note it as a small but pleasant detail.

The Galaxy S10 + is not a device you’ll want to wear. However, we do not want to go into the case of Samsung’s case alternatives briefly. We have tested the device’s LED case. Although it uses battery power of the device, it offers impressive use with various LED notifications and small light games on the back cover. If the device didn’t come to the attention of itself enough, there’s no doubt that the LED case will draw all the attention.

On the back cover, three cameras are placed horizontally. Other than that, there is no fingerprint sensor. Because this time Samsung has hidden the fingerprint sensor on the front panel. In this way, it leaves the habit of using a non-ergonomic area in the rear body and brings us together with a more modern design. Let’s say we can’t be sure if we like the big space in the cameras in general. However, even though the dual camera takes up a little more space, the Infinite-O design has become one of Samsung’s most fashionable design decisions.


With a screen size of 6.4 inches, the Galaxy S10 + offers Quad HD + resolution on the Dynamic AMOLED screen. Videos also include the video optimizer mode. The display that we are enchanted with rich and vibrant colors has obviously won. But let’s add the details. When the phone is out of the box, it is in Full HD + resolution in automatic settings. You have to manually switch to Quad HD +. Note that this will affect battery performance. Quad HD + screen will consume much faster battery. The HDR10 + supported screen and series pleasure was very successful. The speakers of the Samsung Galaxy S10 + are not bad at all.

The on-screen camera did not pose much trouble in games like PUBG Mobile. We have always been able to clearly see the status of our teammates. However, there may be some problems in different games. Of course, let’s add a detail, the application does not have the option to make full screen. In the settings, a black bar can be pulled into the area of ​​the camera. When we look at the technical details of the device, we have Samsung’s Exynos 9820 processor and 8 GB of RAM. The 128 GB internal memory does not hurt you in terms of performance. The highly powerful device manages to provide a smooth experience. We also found the new UI of the device very successful. Obviously we thought that Samsung needed such an innovation. More vividly colored icons, simple menu access, the experience is almost renovated.

Come to the fingerprint scanner. We can say that the fingerprint scanner on the screen works pretty fast. Unnecessary animation time makes this device feel much shorter. It works quickly and the screen opens. The fingerprint sensor, like its rival, is limited to a certain area. Face recognition is more successful than previous models. However, we recommend that you turn off quick recognition for extra security. Another nice feature is the wireless charging. With the Wireless PowerShare feature on the Samsung Galaxy S10 +, it is possible to charge devices that support wireless charging. Samsung’s new generation of Galaxy Watch Active and Galaxy Buds are able to charge this feature with the iPhone X we tried. The property is very easy to access and works very successfully. When you turn on the feature you can access from the shortcut panel, it is possible to charge the devices in a simple way. The Galaxy S10 + is also equipped with a LED case and the silicone case of the iPhone X, which we’ve tried to charge from the case. The battery performance is also impressive. With a 4.100 mAh battery, the Quad HD + screen is on, and with normal brightness it is easy to take the day off. The wireless can also be recharged fast, so it can also be used for fast charging. At the end of the day, the Samsung Galaxy S10 + is a very successful device.


The Galaxy S10 + has a full 5 camera. The three cameras in the back are accompanied by two cameras in the front. If you start with the talk selfie cameras, the device has a 10 MP f / 1.9 main selfie camera and 8 MP RGB depth camera. Live Focus feature with bokeh shoots the phone can make successful selfies. As in previous models, Samsung captures contrast-rich frames. In Live Focus, our favorite mode in both front and rear was Color Spot. However, it is sometimes difficult to detect the hair strands during the color point shooting. We achieved more successful results in cats or inanimate objects. The most striking aspect of the front camera is the ability to capture 4K video. However, let’s say that there is no optical image stabilizer or 60 fps support.

Come back to the camera. The device features a 12 MP telephoto, 12 MP wide angle and a 16 MP ultra wide angle lens. With a larger frame of 0.5x, the 2x optical zoom makes digital zoom at 10x. Obviously, we would expect the telephoto lens to be much more successful compared to competitors. These features are very ”standard. We’re waiting a step further than Samsung. The rear camera is also very successful in daylight, backed by vibrant colors. Thanks to his smart system, he can detect the scene he sees and adjust the arrangements accordingly. In this respect, we can say very successful. However, in low light, especially in very low light, we cannot pass without indicating that the performance is decreasing. At this point, compared to some competitors, Samsung seems to be in the background. One of the most important features of the rear camera is the diaphragm. This is what we have seen on Samsung devices before, especially in professional mode, a more prominent detail for users. In low light, you can be the greatest helper in the professional mood with a tripod. Let’s add that the rear camera allows 4K video shots at 60 fps. The device has a classic shooting mode as well as Instagram mode. The photo you shoot with the camera directly opens the Instagram Stories section. You can edit and share the photo by taking advantage of the classic story features. Is it very necessary? Discussed. However, a direct transition from the camera application has made things easier. Of course if you can take a frame that can please you all at once. Otherwise, it doesn’t mean much.


infinite-o design, the Galaxy S10 +
infinite-o design, the Galaxy S10 +


With its infinite-o design, the Galaxy S10 + offers a much more impressive display experience.

Reverse charge Galaxy S10 +
Reverse charge

Reverse charge

You can also charge other smart devices that support wireless charging with the Galaxy S10 +.

Galaxy S10 + Rear camera
Rear camera

Rear camera

An advanced photographic experience is provided by the rear 3-way rear camera setup.

Prima Green, Pizme Black and Prism White Galaxy S10 +
Prima Green, Pizme
Black, and Prism White

Colour options

Prima Green, Pizme Black and Prism White are available in three different colors.

Galaxy S10 + Finger print
Finger print

Finger print

With a fingerprint embedded in the screen, the security moves one step further.

High performance Galaxy S10 +
High performance

High performance

With advanced hardware, the device offers users high performance.


Samsung Galaxy S10+

Display • 6.4 inches, Dynamic AMOLED, 3040 × 1440 pixels

Processor • Samsung Exynos 9820

Memory • 8 GB RAM Internal memory • 128 GB (microSD card support)

Operating system • Android 9.0, ONE UI

Durability • IP68

Battery • 4.100 mAh, wired fast charging • Fast Wireless Charging 2.0

Camera • 12 MP (f1.4-f2.4) wide angle + 12 MP (f2.4) telephoto + 16 MP (f2.2) ultra wide angle rear camera • 10 MP (f1.9) + 8 MP RGB Depth webcam front camera

Connection • 802.11 a / b / g / n / ac / ax (2.4 / 5GHz) • Bluetooth 5.0, Type-C

Dimensions / Weight • 157,6 x 74,1 x 7,8 mm / 0.43 pound

Pros / Cons

(+) Integrated fingerprint display, Infinite-O design, accessory options, reverse charge

(-) Low light performance of the camera could be more successful

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