Samsung Galaxy S21 should be presented in January 2021

Samsung Galaxy S21

While the Samsung Galaxy S20 is slowly but surely becoming more attractive as the price continues to fall, a rumor about the Galaxy S21 is making the rounds that have now allegedly been confirmed. With this, Samsung probably wants to react to several current events.

Samsung should surprise the Galaxy S21 with a new approach

The Samsung Galaxy S20 doesn’t feel that old yet, as the successor is already being announced. The Galaxy S21 was actually not expected to be presented until the end of February 2021, but the presentation should take place much earlier. Samsung wants to present the Galaxy S21 and its versions as early as January – at least SamMobile is certain. Rumors have been around for a few days that Samsung is already pushing production. Accordingly, the performance was expected at the end of 2020. It won’t be that fast, after all, instead January 2021 is in the room.

According to SamMobile, there are several reasons for this decision. Samsung is said to primarily want to fill the void that Huawei is leaving. The South Korean company does not want to leave the gigantic market share to the Chinese companies that are currently entering the market in Europe. Oppo, Vivo and Xiaomi are firing one smartphone after the other. Samsung has to counter this. In addition, Samsung probably wants to bring a little more time between the two folding cell phones that the company is presenting.

Samsung has just introduced a new Galaxy S20 FE:

Samsung Galaxy S20 FE presented

Rumor pops up every year

Even if SamMobile is relatively certain that the Galaxy S21 will be presented in January 2021, this rumor is not new and appears every year around this time. So far, it has mostly turned out to be misinformation, so we would be more careful with it at the moment. After the introduction of the iPhone 12, however, it would not be inconceivable for Samsung to follow suit with its own 5 nm smartphone. CGH will inform you if something is going on in this direction.

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