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Saying goodbye to the Bezel ring, Samsung Galaxy Watch Active brings together modest design, long battery life, and advanced activity tracking. A more affordable version of the family offers a brand new alternative to users.

Samsung Galaxy S10 family with the Galaxy Watch Active model also revealed Samsung, with the new smartwatch brings some important changes. The Galaxy Watch Active, an extension of the Gear Sport family, is one of the rebranded models, like the Galaxy Watch. This rebranding has brought some important changes. At the very beginning of these important changes is, in fact, the design takes place. Samsung Galaxy Watch Active is the guest of our test center. Let us begin with the design part where the biggest changes are experienced.

Galaxy Watch Active Design


As in previous models, Samsung prefers round body design in Galaxy Watch Active. He is gaining our respect in this regard. In this smart process, which we cannot get used to the square clock design, Samsung manages to produce round body models that are pleasing to the eye. However, the Galaxy Watch Active takes a step further and removes the bezel ring we like. This watch, designed entirely on simplicity, is the model that we enjoy the most. While the Bezel also looks stylish with the ring, we are now facing a model that all users can carry as a design. The ringless design doesn’t disrupt the sense of the classical clock, but it also has a pleasing look to the eye. The model, which has a screen size of 1.1 inches, does not seem to be entrusted to thin wrists. That means a big plus for us. Instead of the Bezel ring, it is fully controlled by the touch screen. At CGH, we reviewed the black-bodied version of the watch, but the watch offers four different alternatives: Black, Silver, Pink Gold and Sea Green. According to us, the most prominent model among them is Sea Green, but Black preference can be more meaningful. We will explain this later in the article.

Samsung Galaxy Watch Active Style

One of the biggest advantages of the watch is the thick body. Unfortunately, we haven’t been able to come to a point that will thoroughly refine the smartwatch bodies. However, Samsung Galaxy Watch Active, modest design manages to forget the thickness of the body. The watch, which is compatible with 20 mm standard straps, comes out of the box with a polycarbonate strap depending on the color you receive. The belt buckle is not included in the box is the backup of the belt. However, you can also purchase the desired 20 mm belt. As an accessory, we can easily say that the Samsung Galaxy Watch Active is the most favorite watch ever.

Samsung Galaxy Watch Active Long Battery Life


Now come to the part of the experience. Galaxy Watch Active’s pros and cons to bringing together in this part of the screen first, let’s start with the screen. When you first look at the screen with a 360 × 360-pixel resolution, it may seem as though the frameless design is preferred. But at first glance, this second illusion, when seeing the thick black frames, is, unfortunately, a little disappointing. The display of the watch, unfortunately, has thick black frames. For this reason, the black body color is one step ahead of others. Because the right quadrant design and the black body can be sustained the in frameless ve feeling created by the watch’s screen. For this reason, we have always chosen models with black backgrounds and frames. Sports-oriented neon-dial designs are our favorite, but you can try out different models with free designs and paid designs at Samsung’s store.

Samsung Galaxy Watch Active for both iOS and Android

When it comes to using, the clock is compatible with both iOS and Android. Because round-bodied clock designs are definitely right for iOS users. Let us note that the clock we tested with both Samsung and iPhone was more successful with Samsung. On the other hand, during the experience, although the phone was next to us, the connection of the clock was broken and we could not understand why. This has created a rather frustrating experience. Another annoying experience has also occurred while using Spotify. Stubbornly requesting Bluetooth headset for Spotify control. That means you cannot control Spotify with the 3.5 mm headset attached to your phone. Or the Spotify control cannot be achieved while you are out by the phone without a headset. It is possible to control Spotify only when using a Bluetooth headset. This makes Galaxy Buds and similar devices compulsory for the user.

Samsung Galaxy Watch Active Simple elegance

One of the strengths of the watch is sports follow-up. Thanks to its auto-sensing feature, even your brisk walk is quickly perceived and recorded as a walk. With Samsung’s Health app, the clock that is successfully running has brought a system similar to Apple Watch’s activity rings. This heart-shaped design measures your calorie, training and hourly mobility. When you complete all the goals, the heart is also completed. Even if the Health app is not available, the report is very detailed and remarkable. Although the color options are a bit faded, the system is successful in motivating the user. Galaxy Watch Active can measure heart rhythm and can monitor many activities including swimming. Whether you’re working in the hall or outdoors, the clock offers an alternative for almost any work. GPS support in the device, such as cycling, jogging, hiking and trekking in sports such as location tracking can be done with GPS. This is again one of the highlights for the user. The device that measures the heart rhythm is doing sleep monitoring. But a piece of sleep with the watch on the sleeve is uncomfortable by us.

Galaxy Watch Active Notification Animations

Galaxy Watch Active’s notification animations have been very successful. Aside from this, application notifications are coming to your watch as long as you do not have a breakage problem. You can also make incoming calls with the ready-to-answer answers over the clock. But unfortunately, you can’t make the call. The time you can reject or reject a call; calls you to your phone when you accept calls. Dialogue is not possible in any way.

Let’s go to the battery. It has a much more limited battery capacity than the Galaxy Watch model with its 230 mAh battery. However, if you do not exercise regularly every day, it is possible to force the battery power of the watch up to 3 days. In daily use, we have been able to use the tempol without having to charge until the 3rd day, except that it automatically records our walk-through. On the 3rd day, we had to charge it by noon. We can say that we have found the battery power successful rather than the admiral but as a more accessible model. Note that this duration may be reduced depending on the frequency and length of sports activities.

At the end of the day, if you need to evaluate the Samsung Galaxy Watch Active model, depending on the price of the Galaxy Watch, even though there are missing points compared to the most enjoy our use and design as we like the most we can say that this is our model.


Samsung Galaxy Watch Active Dramatic Change

Simple elegance

The acclaimed model has been developed on a very simple elegance.

Samsung Galaxy Watch Active Sleep Monitor

Sleep tracking

The advanced sleep tracking feature of the watch can be useful for users who have trouble sleeping.

Motivation heart of Samsung Galaxy Watch Active

Motivation heart

The heart-shaped motivation ring motivates the user for minimum mobility every day.

Galaxy Watch Active Notification Answering

Notification reply

With Galaxy Watch Active you are able to make a return through the clock to the incoming messages.

Galaxy Watch Active Reverse charge

Reverse charge

The long-lasting device can also be charged with the reverse charging feature of the Galaxy S10 family.

Samsung Galaxy Watch Active Model Colors

Colour options

Black, Silver, Pink Gold and Sea Green have four different colors.


Samsung Galaxy Watch Active

Screen 1.1 inch, 360 × 360 pixels
Processor 1.15 GHz running dual-core processor
Memory 0.75 GB RAM, 4 GB internal memory
Operating system Tizen
Durability 5ATM + IP68 + MIL-STD-810G
Sensors Accelerometer, Barometer, Gyroscope Sensor, HR Sensor, Light Sensor
Battery 230 mAh
Connections BT4.2, Wi-Fi 802.11 b / g / n (2.4GHz), NFC, GPS / Glonass
Dimensions 39,5 x 39,5 x 10,5 mm
Weight 0.88 Ounce
Price $ 199.00

Pros / Cons

(+) Modest design, advanced activity tracking, battery life

(-) No direct dialing over the watch, the body may be thinner


Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 8.3/10

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