Samsung Gear S2 review

Samsung Gear S2 review and test from A to Z!

In a nutshell

“Samsung Gear S2 review” when you come to the end, during the time that we use this model we can say that we are satisfied with just fine.

A South Korean company, took lessons from previous experience is very nice and there was a good model.

In this way, the “Gear S2” product, the best on the market right now, the smart watch is one of the options.

Moving with a circular design, rotatable bezel, developing a more streamlined for Tizen operating system provide an experience in contrast to the previous model, this model also, and rival Android mobile phone models are open to the use of a good job at Samsung, Android Wear-featured products and a solid position in the face of Apple Watch.

Finally, the “Gear S2” so far produced, for the best smart watch can not say, but Samsung’s best model, that’s for sure.


Who Should I Buy

Samsung’s smart watch models only for Samsung mobile is working with those who come, “Gear S2” biased product now doesn’t have to stay away. Innovative, stylish and fun to use if you are looking for a smart time-watch a model closely.


Samsung Gear S2, so far, produced the best smart watch?

In the last few years starting to attract interest in smart watches, is involved in one of the giants of technology, along with its popularity increases.

Of course, the South Korean company Samsung in order this work would be unthinkable.

The company that made the first experiments with the relatively successful model, we have “Gear S2” now living in the age of maturity in the field smart watch.

Design, usability and interface with innovation in a way that is both rational and user-friendly developed “Gear S2”, so far, produced the best smart watch?

In this review we’re going to look for the answer to this question.


Standard or classic?


Samsung Gear S2 Standard-or-classic


Samsung Gear S2, two different models. One of them is our standard version, another is the classic version of the two main design differences between the materials used and the model weights. However, both models are offered with a stainless steel body, tell him.

We have model plastic strapped a belt of leather in the classical model. On the other hand, this version weighs 47 grams, while the classical version 42 grams. Both models 11.4 mm thick. There’s no big difference between the two models as the price. From $ 269.00 standard “Gear S2”, while the classic model for sale $ 309.20 to buyer.

Right now, the standard model is supported with silver and dark gray color, only black color classic model available. In this sense, different color and pattern in the absence of a lack of customization options, such as straps, but Samsung continues to work in this field. Before too long we thought we’d see a different belt models.

In the meantime, we have a plastic belt model although we tell, it was a cheap plastic. Both feel and appearance, leaving the impression of a high-quality material as of the belt with an additional strap to the content of the box again. One of them is long, the contents of the box the product is mounted on the shorter strap option. Thus, the arm width, you can use either of two depending on your belt.




Samsung Gear S2 Smartwatch Screen


Of course, most of the attention, as well as circular Gear S2 screen. The old model, while a rectangular in design, along with a new design “Gear S2” encountered Samsung, on the other hand was only functioning to make circular screen that’s all over. Because the thin ring around the bezel of the screen, namely swivel has a structure and within the operating system that you’re moving by rotating the ring. This is actually a kind of Apple Watch looks like its digital Crown. But more functional, that’s for sure.

“Gear S2” screen 1.2 inch. Against a smaller screen than previous models from our “Gear S2”, on the other hand Apple Watch, LG Watch Urbane  and  Moto 360 brands such as all of a small screen.


Samsung Gear S2 Smartwatch


Resolution is 360×360 pixels. Super AMOLED panel consisting of screen, pixel density is quite satisfactory in terms of. 302 ppi pixel density of the screen so that a better view than the Moto 360, while Apple Watch is equivalent to. Finally, your data is protected with Corning Gorilla Glass screen 3 fondue.


What’s in a frame?


What's in a frame? Samsung Gear S2 Smartwatch


Smart Watch’s most notable, as well as the ring around the screen, we’ll talk about in detail later than. Other than that, next to the screen draws attention to two physical buttons. The bottom button on the main menu, the top is being used as BACKSPACE. I need to have to use the position of the keys very loved ones. But wandering around your finger in the interface from top to bottom or from left to right, pulling and you can return to the main menu and a submenu. I mean, these keys are not going to happen; can be used alone as an option.

The body of water and dust-resistant improved. IP68 standard body, dust and sand, as well as 1.5 meters of water. This can be up to 30 minutes at a depth of “Gear S2” with, of course, it is recommended to enter fresh water.

When we look at the back cover, Gear S2 here we see a classic heart rhythm sensor. Of course, in addition to a gyroscope, accelerometer, ambient light sensors such as barometers and is taking place in this section. Finally, the “Bluetooth 4.1”, “Wi-Fi” and “NFC” connection is available of the ceremonies and Let’s the use with for “Tizen operating system“.


For Tizen Operating System


For Tizen Operating System


We’re seeing a renewed for Tizen operating system in Gear S2. As a result of the use of circular screen and bezel with extremely useful we found on the operating system, you can easily recognize the possibility of using the smart watch function. We’re going to get into specifics, but first of all, Let’s clarify the highly anticipated question: Yes, not with only Gear S2 Samsung mobile phones, Android can be used with many brands of mobile phone. Among them, HTC, Huawei, LG, Motorola, Sony and many more brands, while Samsung does not support all models of the brand. No match for “Android 4.4” and 1.5 GB RAM limit is all compatible Samsung, put Gear S2 models on the Web pages published; You can check it from there.

It’s pretty easy to use operating system for Tizen in Gear S2, functional and straightforward. From your phone directly to the screen, the notification and SMS for calls you, also reflecting Gear S2 accompanied. Tread lightly, and it’s on your phone synchronize with implementation of that “S Health” Gear S2 also offers many application support. Installed applications from S Health, Nike Running, Weather, Maps, CNN and Bloomberg as well as examples. If you want to see more applications on your phone, enter by visiting the store to the new Samsung Gear application, you can install the application. The store; health, finance, lifestyle, social networking, entertainment and utility applications offered in the categories of paid and free applications. But most of them are related to the interface, or simple applications, smart watch. In this sense, the expansion of high-quality application content. On the other hand, it’s nice to have applications such as CNN and Bloomberg, but how many people read the news via Gear S2 discussed. Of course it is always rich of options in every field for good.

Want to move around on the screen by touching it can use gestures, or she can turn thin ring around the screen and in this way, you can go around the screen and between applications. The use of the same, of course, able to sustain in the application. The message can be read by turning the ring to the notification or news, or even that we have revealed even in such games as “Gear Pong” that you can use the ring. After all, we found very useful the format for use by the public in particular. Ease of use rather than differences in the use of floor makes it fun, Gear S2. In this sense, Samsung has this movement, “Apple Watch” we’re more like from Digital Crown, that’s for sure.

Again, we need to mention another point for the interface is of course S Voice. Provides ease of use S Voice, “Ok Google” or “Hey  Siri”, offers a programmable command system. How to call him from the interface, you can quickly define. After you wake him up, all you have to do is give the command. Especially for someone to call him instead of finding the phone book in your phone, you will be able to handle with it S Voice. S Voice’s overall performance. Especially from people who want her to call if you have more than one record, for example “First One” or “Second One” specific instructions you should be able to give a nice detail.  But due to lack of language support, detection of problems and on the other hand, needs to work a little faster.


Technical staff and battery life


Technical staff and battery life Samsung Gear S2


Works perfect for Tizen Gear S2 ‘s interface. Of course it’s necessary to talk about from the media-making technical staff. Under the hood is a dual-core 1 GHz  running at “Exynos processor” and “512 MB of RAM”. Also for storage at 4 GB internal storage space offering Gear S2, so applications and has enough space to music if desired. This field is not available if the expansion with microSD card option.

Let’s get to the battery. We have examined has a 250 mAh battery in Gear S2. This is also depending on how you use 1.5 days to 3 days offers a battery life ranging from. If the power saving mode if you use too little when you open and will run for 3 days, but if you use extensively in 1 day battery. Notifications turned on, when you are working all the time and “S Healt” your calls if you check over an average of 1.5 days Gear S2. Of course, offering a week battery life such as Pebble smart watch still won’t leave anyone Summit in this field. For that reason, it’s good, but the battery life you must grow Gear S2.

On the other hand, thanks to the support of wireless charging him Gear S2 charging is not difficult at all. The content of the box Wireless charging stand on at home or on your desk when you’re around here by positioning you can charge him easily. Wireless charging stand located on the magnet sitting right with slot can be recharged very quickly Gear S2.



Gear S2 model as an alternative to “Apple Watch” or “second generation LG Watch Urbane” is preferable.

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