Samsung proves its perspective: Develops a transparent smartphone

Samsung is developing a transparent smartphone

Samsung is planning a new Android smartphone that has never been seen before. This would completely change the way we use the cell phone as we know it today.

Spectacular Android phone planned

Almost two years ago we reported that Sony was working on a transparent smartphone. So far, no final model has come onto the market. Samsung apparently has similar plans, as evidenced by a new patent published on LetsGoDigital. There you have also created a rendered image of what something would look like:

Ultimately, the content would be displayed on a see-through OLED panel. Only the frame of the cell phone is not transparent. You should then also see the hand with which you are holding the cell phone. The patent also describes that the transparent mode can be switched on and off. So you could only use the transparency of the smartphone in certain situations. For example, when you walk through the streets like a zombie again. Then at least one could keep an eye on the surroundings a little better.

Image source: LetsGoDigital

How realistic is such a transparent Samsung cell phone?

The likelihood that Samsung will launch such a phone in the near future is honestly relatively small. Even if we find the idea spectacular and would like to have such a cell phone, it is currently rather unrealistic. You just have to think about where all the components should go. A battery, chips and cameras are not transparent – and neither will they be that fast.

A panel, on the other hand, can become transparent. There are, for example, see-through television screens. But the technology is in the foot. With a cell phone, you have to accommodate them in the device. Samsung is only patenting something here that could become reality in the distant future. A beautiful dream that we will have to wait a little longer for.

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