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Samsung The Premiere introduced; short throw 4K laser projector

In addition to the following products, Samsung has added the short-throw 4K laser projector model to its product range. This is Samsung The Premiere.

The surprise product of the day was definitely Samsung The Premier. The short-throw 4K resolution laser projector is available in two versions, as far as the LSP9T and PSP7T. The world’s first HDR10 + certified model, LSP9T can display 130 inches, and PSP7T can display 120 inches. The product, which is placed right in front of the wall or curtain because it has a close-range working structure, has a slightly large structure and is prepared in white color. Coming with the specially designed Filmmaker Mode support, The Premier brings 2,800 ANSI lumens of brightness, according to Samsung’s limited technical share. It should be noted that the product is on the Smart TV platform used by Samsung’s smart televisions. In this way, many services can be accessed directly from the projector that can connect to the internet.

Samsung The Premiere 4K laser projector

No pricing for short-throw 4K laser projector Samsung The Premiere

However, the model is not likely to be cheap. The product, whose details are expected to be revealed soon, will most likely be sold at a very expensive price.

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